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Rottweiler Beagle Mix (Reagle): Characteristics, Size, & Needs

A Rottweiler Beagle mix is an affectionate, sociable, and adaptive breed. It is a combination of a Rottweiler and a Beagle. This dog is low-maintenance and does well in hot and cold environments. Proper training can lessen their vocal and hunting nature.

People love Beagles and Rottweilers for their unique appearances and personalities, which the American Kennel Council recognizes as two of the most popular breeds.

These dogs have opposite characteristics. One is a large, dark-coated, calm dog, while the other is a short, saddle-coated, energetic pooch. When mixed, they produce a child called Rottweiler Beagle mix. 

Before buying a Rottweiler Beagle mix, you need to know their needs (grooming, diet, exercise, etc.). 

This article looks into their personality, origins, appearance, and more. 

Rottweiler Beagle Mix Characteristics

The Rottweiler Beagle mix is a crossbreed that combines the parents’ best traits. It is large-bodied, energetic, affectionate, and loyal. This dog’s typical appearance resembles both parents.

Friendliness and zestfulness are two ways to describe a beagle. The downside to this dog is that it barks frequently. 

Rottweilers are calm and loyal but can show aggressive behavior towards other people and animals. 

When bred, their qualities offset each other’s bad traits, producing a dog with the best of both breeds.

Genetics determine the Rottweiler Beagle mix’s physical qualities, while both nature and nurture plays a role in their temperament. 



15–25 Inches


40–75 lbs


11–15  years

Dog Breed Group

Mixed Breed

Coat Type


Coat length


Coat color

Black, White, Tan, Red, Chocolate


Dark Hazel








3 stars

Grooming Difficulty

3 stars


Apartment living

4 stars

Good for beginners

5 stars

Can be alone

3 stars

Cold weather tolerance

5 stars

Hot weather tolerance

5 stars

Friendliness & Temper


5 stars


5 stars


5 stars


5 stars

Friendly to Strangers

4 stars


5 stars

Trainability & Needs

Easy to train

3 stars


5 stars

Hunting Instinct

4 stars


5 stars

Energy Level

5 stars

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Appearance 

The typical Beagle Rottweiler mix is a medium-sized dog with a black double-coated coat, tan and white saddle marking, floppy ears, a long muzzle, and a long or short tail.

The dominant genes determine the Beagle Rottweiler mix’s appearance. It can either have a look that combines its parents’ features or resembles only one of them. 

A Rottweiler is a large dog with a dark coat and tan saddle marking. It has floppy ears, prominent droopy jowls, and a long or short tail. 

Typical beagles have white coats with red and brown spotting. It is a short dog with floppy ears, a long muzzle, and a long tail.

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Appearance
Image Source

Rottweiler Beagle Mix Size

Genes determine your dog’s size. A typical Rottweiler Beagle mix stands at 15–25 Inches and weighs 40–75 lbs. 

Beagles weigh 20–30 pounds and stand at 13–15 inches, while Rottweilers are large dogs that grow up to 27 inches and weigh 95–135 lbs. Depending on the dominant genes, their offspring can be a medium or large dog. 


At 12 weeks old, a Beagle Rottweiler mix weighs 7–11 lbs and stands 8–11 inches. When it reaches six to seven months old, the Rottweiler Beagle mix puppy experiences drastic changes in its body, making it heavier and taller. 

A proper diet ensures that your dog will grow without any health complications. 


A Rottweiler Beagle mix will grow up to 75 lbs and 25 inches. There are cases where it takes after its Rottweiler parent, resulting in a large Rottweiler Beagle mix. 

Small Rottweiler Beagle Mix

The American Kennel Council says that there are Beagles that grow under 13 inches[2]. If mixed with a Rottweiler, it can produce a dog that is either small or large, depending on the dominant genes.  

Small Rottweiler Beagle Mix
Image Source

Common Health Problems 

Ear, Joint, Brain, and Heart problems are common in Rottweiler Beagle mixes. Regular check-ups, proper care, a balanced diet, and regular exercise help lessen their risk of health complications.

Both parent breeds are prone to numerous health complications, including congenital and inheritable diseases.

A Rottweiler Beagle mix is susceptible to common Rottweiler and Beagle diseases:[3] 

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Amyloidosis
  • Bundle Branch block
  • von Willebrand disease
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Luxating Patella
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Lipidosis
  • Otitis media
  • Immunoglobulin A deficiency

Check your dog and its parents’ medical background to identify which health complications your dog is prone to.

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Lifespan

A Beagle Rottweiler Mix is long-lived. This dog lives for 11–15 years. Proper care, diet, and exercise help extend your dog’s lifespan and improve its life quality. 

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Origins

There is little information about the origins of Beagle Rottweiler mixes, but their parents’ origins can give us an idea of where these hybrids came from. Rottweilers came from Germany, while Beagles originated in the United Kingdom. 

Beagles originated in England, United Kingdom. People believe that Romans bred small dogs with English hounds. The ancestors of modern Beagles are small compact versions of them[4]. People continued to mate them with other hounds until these dogs started to look like the present ones.

At one point, rough-coated beagles existed, but they went extinct as the people preferred smooth-coated ones. 

Rottweilers came from Rottweil, Germany. They evolved from the offspring of a Molosser and a Mastiff. Villagers bred them during the middle ages to become herders, drovers, and guard dogs[5]. These dogs developed qualities that made them the current Rottweilers we see today. 

3 Pros of Having a Rottweiler Beagle Mix

Beagle Rottweiler mixes are low-maintenance and adaptive. Their personality and characteristics make them outstanding companions. 

1. Beagle Rottweiler Mixes are Outstanding Companions

First, Rottweiler Beagle mixes love accompanying their owners. They love cuddling with you. These dogs see their owners as someone precious, someone to protect. When you sleep next to them, Rottweiler Beagle mixes prefer to lay on your body, which is their way of protecting you when you are sleeping. 

Second, exercises and recreational activities are easy for Rottweiler Beagle mixes. These dogs are energetic and can spend hours playing or exercising.  

Third, Rottweiler Beagle mixes are friendly. They are quick to trust other people and will try to get their attention. Although they have strong hunting instincts, these dogs get along with other house pets. As long as they’re familiar with them, Rottweiler Beagle mixes will not try to chase them. 

Pros of Having a Rottweiler Beagle Mix
Image Source

2. They are Low-Maintenance 

Grooming of Beagle Rottweiler mixes is easy. They have a short coat made of deep-rooted thick hairs. These hairs are compacted, preventing dirt and fluids from sticking to your dog’s fur. Use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and liquids quickly. 

They seldom shed their fur. Dog owners do not have to worry about hair sticking to clothes and furniture.

3. Rottweiler Beagle Mixes are Adaptive 

Rottweiler Beagle mixes are adaptive. Their coats are double-coated, which means they can adjust to warm and cold environments. The topcoat allows air to circulate to their fur, while their inner coat keeps them warm. The outermost layer of your dog’s coat also protects them from Ultraviolet light (UV). 

3 Cons of Having a Beagle Rottweiler Mix

A Rottweiler and Beagle mix is a vocal dog that is hard to train. It will chase anything that piques its attention due to the Rottweiler Beagle mix’s strong hunting instinct. 

1. They are Vocal Dogs

Before buying a Rottweiler Beagle mix, you need to know that they bark frequently. It will bark for several reasons: 

  • Moving objects 
  • Small animals
  • Curiosity 
  • Asking for attention
  • Hungry
  • Bored

Training your dog not to bark at everything lessens their vocal personality. 

2. Rottweiler Beagle Mixes Are Difficult to Train

Rottweiler Beagle mixes are hard to train due to their independent and stubborn personality. Unlike Rottweiler Corgi mixes, Beagle Rottweiler mixes are not eager to please you. These dogs will go where their feet take them.

They have short attention spans, making it difficult to train them. You need to be creative when trying to teach them tricks and commands. Use what object and activity they love the most as motivation and reward.

3. A Beagle Rottweiler Mix Have Strong Hunting Instincts 

Although friendly, a Beagle Rottweiler mix likes to chase small animals or moving objects, which can topple decorations or hurt your kids or other pets. 

Training your mix to control itself lessens the risk of accidents and is highly important. You can take advantage of the Beagle Rottweiler mix’s hunting instinct by bringing them on hunting trips as your companion. 

Beagle Rottweiler Grooming Needs 

Grooming your Beagle Rottweiler mix is easy. Their coats are low-maintenance. Rottweiler Beagle mixes need monthly grooming to avoid skin diseases. Brush them weekly to remove old and damaged hair. 

Although Rottweiler Beagle mixes have low-maintenance coats, you need to do the following daily: 

  • Brush your teeth after every meal. Brushing their teeth helps maintain their tooth and gum health, lessening their chance of dental complications. It prevents bad breath. 
  • Clean your dog’s ears weekly. Use a vet-recommended solution to clean wax build-ups. Cleaning their ears helps avoid ear infections.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to penetrate their coat and remove old and damaged hair. 

When brushing your dog, always check for signs of fleas, ticks, and lice. These insects are found anywhere, especially in humid areas.  

Signs of fleas[6] and lice[7] infestation, include: 

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Beagle Rottweiler Grooming Needs
Image Source

Products You Can Use to Groom Your Beagle Rottweiler Mix

Here are products that you can use for your dog’s grooming: 

  • Soft Bristle brush
  • Dog toothpaste
  • Dog toothbrush
  • Vet-recommended ear cleaning solution 
  • Anti-flea or lice powder
  • Nail clippers
  • Antibacterial soap (Sulfate-free) 
  • Aloe vera shampoo

Food and Diet Requirements 

Rottweiler Beagle mixes need a balanced diet that consists of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and water. Their diet should amount to at least 2% of their weight per day.

Dog owners do not have to worry about feeding. This is not a picky dog. This mixed breed will eat almost anything. You do need to monitor its food intake as it is prone to obesity. 

Before creating a diet plan for your dog, consult your veterinarian to learn more about your dog’s food requirements. 

This is an energetic dog. Rottweiler Beagle mixes need protein and carbohydrate-rich foods as it gives them energy. The right amount of proteins and carbohydrates helps your dog maintain its physique.

Rottweilers and Beagles are prone to several health complications. They need the right amount of essential nutrients to lessen their risk of diseases[8]

Nutrient Name Effects 
CalciumStrengthens bone structure, improves muscle contraction, and strengthens the heart
Vitamin A Supports vision, improves bone growth, and strengthens immune system
Vitamin B Slows skin aging, improves metabolism, and strengthens immune system
ZincImproves thyroid, strengthens the immune system, and improves skin 
Vitamin DBalances minerals, improves bone growth, and strengthens bone structure
MagnesiumFacilitates transfer of energy in every muscle, organs, and bones

Although a Rottweiler Beagle will eat anything, not everything is healthy for your dog. You need to pick foods that contain various essential nutrients: 

Exercise Needs

Rottweiler Beagle mixes need 30–40 minutes of exercise per day. They have short legs, and prolonged activities can cause leg or joint injuries. 

This is an energetic dog. Beagle and Rottweiler mixes need physical and mental stimulation to lessen misdemeanors and behavioral issues: 

  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Irritation resulting in aggressive tendencies
  • Non-stop Barking
  • Chewing slippers, furniture, and other objects
  • Peeing and pooping on wrong areas

Exercising improves your bond with your dog and keep both of you healthy. It also strengthens you and your dog’s body, lessening the risks of health complications.

Here are activities that you can do with a Rottweiler Beagle mix: 

  • Tracking (scent)
  • Hide and Seek
  • Play fetch
  • Tug of war
  • Free play
  • Short walk (15-minute walk) 
  • Long walk (30 to 40-minute walk) 
  • Dog Park visits
  • Learning new tricks
  • Toy puzzles
Beagle Rottweiler Mix Exercise Needs
Image Source

Is a Beagle Rottweiler Mix Easy to Train? 

No, a Beagle Rottweiler mix is not easy to train due to their short attention span and independent personality. 

This dog is sensitive to stimuli. Even the slightest of movements can make them lose focus when you are teaching them. This can make it hard for your dog to learn new commands and tricks. 

Dog owners need to think of creative training methods to train their dogs. Using objects or activities they love as a reward helps motivate them to learn new tricks. 

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The Rottweiler Beagle mix is an energetic, affectionate, and loyal dog. It is the child of a Rottweiler and a Beagle. Give them proper exercise, care, and a balanced diet to lessen their risk of common health complications. 

Although stubborn, you can use food as a motivator as it loves eating. Its low maintenance coat, infrequent shedding, and size make them excellent apartment pets as long as it has proper training. 

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