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Beagle Pitbull Mix Guide: Beaglebull Needs and Problems

A Pitbull Beagle mix is playful, loyal, and affectionate. It is the product of breeding a Beagle and an American Pitbull Terrier. This mixed breed has low grooming needs, thanks to its short coat. Brush it regularly to lessen its shedding. 

Both parents have remarkable characteristics. A Beagle is a medium-sized dog known for its energetic, curious, and intelligent nature, while a Pitbull is a friendly and loyal dog with various unique appearances. It’s recognized by many for its muscular physique. 

These dogs are prone to various diseases due to their bone structure and genes. 

Their offspring (Beagle Pitbull Mix) is a combination of its owners’ good and bad qualities. Before getting one, this crossbreed has particular needs, qualities, and problems that you need to know. 

This article looks into the grooming requirements, diet needs, exercise requirements, origin, characteristics, and more. 

Beagle Pitbull Mix Characteristics 

Beagle Pitbull mixes have outstanding characteristics. They are loyal, intelligent, friendly, and easy to maintain.  

These dogs are medium-sized and can have various appearances. Although their short coat is easy to maintain, they are not hypoallergenic and do not make great apartment pets. Give them proper exercise to avoid bad behavior as these hybrids are usually energetic and stubborn. 

They are sensitive to hot and cold environments, so provide them shelter with proper insulation if you plan to keep them as outside pets. 

Each Pitbull and Beagle mix has its personality. The dominant genes and the dog’s upbringing determine its temperament. Its appearance depends on the features of its parents. 



15–19 Inches


40–70 lbs


11–16  years

Dog Breed Group

Mixed Breed

Coat Type


Coat length


Coat color

Black, white, chocolate, fawn, gray


Dark Brown








2 stars

Grooming Difficulty

2 stars


Apartment living

3 stars

Good for beginners

2 stars

Can be alone

3 stars

Cold weather tolerance

3 stars

Hot weather tolerance

3 stars

Friendliness & Temper


5 stars


4 stars


5 stars


4 stars

Friendly to Strangers

4 stars


4 stars

Trainability & Needs

Easy to train

3 stars


5 stars

Hunting Instinct

3 stars


4 stars

Energy Level

5 stars

Pitbull Beagle Mix Origin

The origin of Pitbull Beagle mixes is unknown. We can get an idea of where the first Pitbull Beagle mix came from by looking at its parents’ origins. Beagles originated in the United Kingdom, while Pitbulls came from the United States of America. 

Beagles came from the United Kingdom. They are the result of breeding various hounds, such as Talbot hounds, St. Hubert hounds, and Southern hounds[1].

Breeders continued to breed them with other hounds until they developed traits that made them excellent small-game hunters. There was a time when beagles had two coat types: one rough and one smooth. Rough-coated beagles went extinct as people preferred smooth-coated ones. 

During the 20th century, two versions of the beagle existed: medium-sized ones and mini beagles, who are no bigger than 13 inches.

Pitbulls originated in the United States of America. These dogs evolved from Old English bulldogs and Black and Tan Terriers. 

Breeders bred these dogs to produce faster, stronger, and wiser offspring than their parents, making them excellent dogs for bullfighting and organized dog fights[2]. The breed’s involvement with violent activities made the AKC not recognize Pitbulls as a breed. 

By 1972, the American Kennel Club recognized American Pit Bulls as American Staffordshire terriers. 

Beagle Pitbull Mix Appearance 

The usual Beagle Pitbull mix combines the looks of its parents. It has floppy ears, a black nose, dark brown eyes, and a short coat with red, brown, or black patches. Its body is muscular and stocky – a trait from the Pitbull.

Beagles usually have short white coats with brown, red, cream, and black patches. There are different Pitbull types – each having a different appearance if paired with a beagle. 

Pitbull Type Appearance 
American Staffordshire TerrierStiff–Floppy ears, firm jowls, long muzzle, and a brown coat with saddle marking and red, brown, or cream patches. This dog has a stocky physique.
Red Nose PitbullStiff–Floppy ears, firm jowls, long snout, and a reddish-brown coat with white underbelly marking. It has a lean body frame. 
ColbyStiff ears, firm jowls, long snout, and a white coat with black or brown patches. It has a lean physique.
BoxerFloppy ears, droopy jowls, short snout, stocky physique, with a red brown coat with white saddle marking on its belly. 
American Pitbull TerrierStiff–Floppy ears, slightly droopy jowls, long muzzle, stocky physique, and a gray or brown coat with cream or white saddle marking on its belly.
Miniature Bull TerrierStiff ears, firm jowls, long snout, elongated and lean physique, and a brown or white coat with red, black, cream patches. 
Spike PitbullStiff–Floppy ears, slightly droopy jowls, long snout, stocky physique, and a white coat with brown or black patches  
Staffordshire Bull TerrierStiff–Floppy ears, slightly droopy jowls, slightly long muzzle, stocky physique, and a white, black, or brown coat with brown, black, or cream patches. 
Beagle Pitbull Mix Appearance
Image Source

How Big Will a Beagle Pitbull Mix Get?

Most adult Beagle Pitbull mixes weigh 40–70 lbs and stand at 15–19 Inches. This dog is medium-sized with either a stocky or lean physique, depending on the Pitbull’s variant.  


A Pitbull Beagle mix puppy weighs 31 lbs and stands at 10–12 inches when three months old. It will hit a growth spurt between four and nine months old. Proper diet and genetics influence how large your dog can get. 

Avoid doing strenuous exercises with your dog at this stage because of its delicate bones and joints. This makes them prone to bone and joint injuries.  

If you notice that your dog is growing rapidly, to the point that it concerns you, call your veterinarian immediately. Rapid growth can cause bone and joint problems, such as hip dysplasia, elbow, and luxating patella. 


It takes 9–12 months before a Beagle Pitbull mix fully matures. A full-grown Pitbull Beagle mix can grow up to 19 inches and weigh 70 lbs. 

Once it enters adulthood, dog owners can take their Pitbull beagle mix to arduous exercises and training. Its muscular physique and sturdy legs make them excellent hiking and jogging companion.  

Mini Pitbull Beagle Mix 

Some beagles are less than 13 inches tall[3]. When a Pitbull Beagle mix has a mini beagle as one of its parents, it can be a small or medium dog, depending on whom it takes after. 

The usual mini Pitbull Beagle mix stands at 10–15 inches and weighs 18–25 lbs. 

Pitbull Beagle Mix Friendliness

A Beagle Pitbull Mix is friendly towards everyone. It suits families who have kids and other housepets.

Pitbulls and beagles are friendly breeds. Beagles are affectionate towards other animals and people. Despite their history of bullfighting and dogfighting, breeders bred modern Pitbulls to become outstanding house pets. They are loving, friendly, and playful. 

Their offspring (Pitbull Beagle mix) is a dog that loves being around other people and animals. Surrounding them with other people and animals helps it meet its exercise needs as they can play with them. 

Its playful and energetic personality makes for an excellent playmate for your kids. You do need to train this dog to control itself because its heavy body can hurt a child. 

Pitbull Beagle Mix Friendliness
Image Source

Common Health Problems 

Eye, bone, joint, heart, digestive, and hormone complications are common in Pitbull Beagle mixes. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper grooming help lessen their risk of health complications. 

The Pitbull Beagle mix is a designer breed. Breeders combine their parents to produce a dog with the best traits. Despite having the best qualities, Pitbull Beagle mixes are at risk of common pitbull and beagle health complications[4]:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Luxating patella
  • Progressive retinal myopathy 
  • Lymphocytic thyroiditis
  • Eversion of the nictitating membrane
  • Cerebellar and extrapyramidal abiotrophy
  • Kneecap dislocation
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Cataracts
  • Immunoglobulin A deficiency
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Lipidosis
  • Epilepsy

Before getting a Pitbull Beagle mix, check the dog and its parents’ medical background to identify possible inherited diseases. 

You can subject your dog to the following test to see if it is at risk of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye complications, and MLS syndrome:

  • Hip and elbow evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist examination
  • MLS DNA test

A Pitbull Beagle mix is prone to matting and hotspots without proper grooming. Untreated hotspots lead to severe cases of bacterial infection, deep abrasion, and larger hotspots. 

There are many different causes of hotspots[5]:

  • Fleas 
  • Lice
  • Mites
  • Atopic dermatitis 
  • Anal sac disease
  • Contact irritants
  • Flea allergy

Beagle Pitbull Mix Lifespan

A Beagle Pitbull mix is long-lived. It lives for 11–16  years, depending on its health and diet. Proper grooming, regular exercise, and a balanced diet help lengthen your dog’s lifespan and improve its quality of life.

Beagle Pitbull Mix Lifespan

Diet and Food Requirements

Nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins are vital to your dog’s health. A Beagle Pitbull mix needs a balanced meal amounting to 2% of its body weight per day. 

There are seven major nutrient groups – each playing a role in your dog’s health[6].

Nutrient GroupRole
ProteinsThis nutrient plays a role in hair, skin, tendons, muscles, and bone formation. Proteins help regulate hormone production
CarbohydratesGives your dog energy to fuel its processes, including hormone formation and body temperature regulation
FatsIt supports organ system processes, reduces risk of inflammation, and assists in nutrient absorption
VitaminsVitamins maintain your dog’s skin, muscles, organs, and bones
MineralsIt helps keep bones, muscles, and organs healthy. Facilitates exchange of water and solutes in your dog’s body
WaterWater helps cool your dog’s body temperature. Drinking water aids in nutrient absorption and bowel movement
FiberFiber keeps your dog’s gut healthy.  It lessens chances of constipation and other digestive complications. 

Dogs will eat anything if they have a chance. You are responsible for choosing the right food for them. Several human foods can cause health complications to your dogs[7]

  • Taro
  • Green Onion
  • Cinnamon
  • Garlic
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Xylitol
  • Avocado
  • Alcohol
  • Apple
  • Coffee
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Persimmons
  • Salty dishes

Before planning your dog’s diet, remember to consult your vet to know your dog’s food requirements. Here are healthy foods that you can serve to your dog: 

Exercise Needs

A Beagle Pitbull mix needs at least 45 minutes of exercise to remain fit. It requires regular physical and mental stimulation due to its energetic and playful nature. 

Lack of exercise can result in: 

  • Increased risk of health complications
  • Faster aging
  • Poorer quality of life

Playing or exercising with your dog improves your bond and helps control your dog’s impulse, lessening unwanted behavior:

  • Peeing and pooping in the wrong area
  • Nipping furniture, slippers, and other household items
  • Persistent barking
  • Aggressive behavior

When your dog is eight months old or younger, avoid strenuous activities because its bones have not developed completely. Intense exercises can cause bone or muscle injuries.

Here are exercises that you can do with your dog no matter the age: 

  • Short walk (15-minute walk)
  • Jogging 
  • Dog puzzles 
  • Play fetch
  • Dog park visits
  • Free play with other house pets
  • Search and sniff
  • Hide and seek

Is a Beagle Pitbull Mix Easily Trainable?

Yes, a Beagle Pitbull Mix is easily trainable as long you know how to motivate it. It is intelligent and eager, which helps it quickly learn complex commands and tricks. 

Although one of its parents has a stubborn personality, the Pitbull’s determined nature offsets this trait. A Beagle Pitbull mix loves getting its owner’s attention, which you can use to motivate your dog. 

Here are other dog motivators: 

  • Food
  • Walks
  • Treats 
  • Dog visits 
  • Praise 
Is a Beagle Pitbull Mix Easily Trainable

Grooming and Care 

Short-coated dogs, like Beagle Pitbull mixes, are easy to maintain. Dirt and liquids are easy to remove as their coats have thick compact hair. Monthly grooming helps keep their fur and avoid their risks of skin diseases.

Brushing your Beagle Pitbull mix daily helps lessen their shedding and remove old and damaged hair. It also enables you to check for parasites on its coat. Use a soft bristle brush to comb through its fur. 

Signs of coat parasites include 

  • Flea dirt
  • Nits
  • Flea eggs 
  • Red spots
  • Frequent scratching 
  • Fever

If you notice these signs on your dog, immediately contact your veterinarian for treatment. 

Brush your dog daily to avoid halitosis and pungent coat smell. Use vet-recommended toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean their teeth. Human toothbrushes and toothpaste can damage their teeth and gums. 

Clean your dog’s ears at least once every week to avoid ear infections and infestations. If you notice black or brown wax secretion, visit your veterinarian to check if it has ear mite infestation. 

Grooming and Care
Image Source

Grooming Products for your Beagle Pitbull Mix 

When grooming your dog, you can use the following products: 

  • Antifungal soap (Sulfate-free)
  • Antibacterial soap (Sulfate-free) 
  • Madre de Cacao
  • Ear miticide for dogs
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Vet-recommended dental cleaning kit
  • Flea and Lice powder 
  • Ear cleaning solution

3 Reasons to Get a Pitbull Beagle Mix

Beagle Pitbull mixes are excellent dogs for families with kids and house pets. Since they have long lifespans, these dogs make excellent playmates and companions. 

1. Pitbull Beagle mixes make excellent playmates

Kids will enjoy playing with a Pitbull Beagle mix because it is energetic and playful. This breed is tolerant of light tugs and pulls, which most kids do. This pooch ensures your kid’s security as it has a protective nature.

2. They have long lifespans

Pitbull Beagle mixes live for 10+ years. Once it matures, it has a strong immune system and a sturdy bone structure. Proper grooming, diet, and exercise help extend their lifespans even more. 

3. Beagle Pitbull mixes are friendly

These dogs are well-suited for owners who have frequent visitors or other pets. A Beagle Pitbull mix  is friendly towards other animals and people. It is affectionate towards them and will try to play with them. 

3 Reasons Not to Get a Beagle Pitbull Mix

Pitbull Beagle mixes are vocal dogs who do not like being confined. They need a place with proper insulation because they cannot tolerate hot and cold environments. 

1. Pitbull Beagle Mixes are Escape Artists 

These dogs do not do well in cages. They prefer to roam around and satisfy their curiosity. 

When you try to place them in a cage, these dogs will figure out how to escape. If they can’t, they will do unwanted behaviors to convince you to release them.

Bad behaviors include:

  • Non-stop barking
  • Chewing the cage
  • Forcing their way out 

Regular exercises help calm their nerves and tire them out. Proper training help familiarizes them with being confined.

2. Beagle Pitbull Mixes are vocal dogs

This hybrid prefers to express itself through barking. They bark at anything that gets their attention. If you live in an apartment or a quiet neighborhood, their barking behavior can frustrate you and your neighbors. 

Training them when they are puppies helps reduce frequent barking. 

3. They cannot tolerate hot and cold environments 

Beagle Pitbull mixes are sensitive to temperature. They cannot tolerate hot and cold environments. 

If you plan on keeping them as outside pets, give them a shelter with proper insulation. If you’re taking them on long walks or hiking, give them adequate hydration to help regulate their temperature.


Beagle Pitbull mixes are the offspring of a Beagle and a Pitbull. They are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. Although they are long-lived, these dogs are still prone to health problems.

Providing proper grooming, regular exercise, and a balanced diet to maintain their health. These dogs are energetic and love roaming around, making excellent pets for those who live in large spaces. 

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