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Can Ants Smell? (Ants Remarkable Sense of Smell)

Ants rely a lot on their sense of smell and ability to pick up scents. 

Ants have developed an incredibly sophisticated sense of smell. They use it to find food, identify nestmates, and detect dangerous scents in the environment. 

Ants even use it to pick up on body odor.

In this article, we will discuss what ants can smell and how they do it.

Can Ants Smell?

Yes, ants can smell – and they can tell good scents from bad. Ants do not have noses like humans but instead, ant’s antennae help them “smell” or sense odors in the air around them. 

red ant on the leaf of a peony

The sensory organs of an ant are located inside their antennas that allow ants to take small whiffs of what is in the air. 

Ants also have what’s called “chemosensing”, where they can pick up on chemicals in their environment. This is done with the olfactory receptors, located in their antennae.

Ants rely a lot on their sense of smell. They use this for a variety of things, such as:

  • Find food
  • Tell ants apart
  • To know when their nestmates are dead
  • Pick up on pheromone trails

And even more.

Can Ants Smell Food?

Yes, ants can smell food, sugar, and can also smell bad scents, so they know what not to eat. 

ant helps in pollination

They use their antennae to guide them in the direction where they can find food or water by smelling chemicals that are associated with it.

Ants also leave what’s called a pheromone trail, whenever they find food. Other ants can then smell this. They’ll follow this trail until they reach the food source (if there’s any left).

Can Ants Smell Sugar?

Yes, ants can smell sugar. Ants will also use their chemosensing to sense the chemicals in sugar. This chemosensing comes in the form of contact chemoreception, which is a way of “smelling” via touch.

Since ants love sugar, this is a scent and taste they’re very familiar with.

ant carrying food

Can Ants Smell Bad Scents?

Yes, ants can smell bad scents. It is part of their genetic makeup to be able to detect smells in the environment around them. Their sense of smell can help them avoid anything dangerous to them, such as cinnamon.

Ants also use smelling as a defensive strategy for protection against predators and other dangers to the ant colony.

Do Ants Have Body Odor?

Yes, ants do have body odor. This body odor is used as an identifier. Ants know which ants are their nestmates based on their odor. They’ll also know if it’s a worker ant or an ant from another caste. [1]

Ants can also produce a stinky smell if they are scared or warn other ants about predators that might be lurking around their path. If an ant smells something bad, they know to stay away.

Why Do Ants Need to Smell?

Since they can’t see or hear well, ants rely on their sense of smell to survive.

Ants use pheromones to communicate with each other and can follow the scent trails left by other ants in order to find food sources. 

They can also detect when a potential threat is nearby, for example, if another ant has discovered that an area can be dangerous. 

When this happens, they will immediately leave the area and avoid it in the future.

How Do Ants Smell? (Olfactory Receptors)

Ants do not have noses but they are equipped with special structures called olfactory receptors that can detect chemical signals to help them sense smells. Ants have four to five times the amount of olfactory receptors compared to most other insects.

fire ant solo

Ants use the olfactory receptors in their antennae to detect specific chemicals in the air. When ants smell something, their antennas can help direct them towards the area that emits the scent. 

The olfactory system of ants is made up of about 400 distinct odorant receptors – in comparison, honeybees are only equipped with 174.

How Far Can Ants Smell?

Ants can smell food from between 3-10 meters away, depending on the ant. While this doesn’t sound like much, it’s more than most other insects.

Do Ants Communicate Through Scent?

Ants can communicate through scent in a few different ways. One way is when an ant leaves its pheromone trail for other ants to follow back to the colony or food source. 

Ants can also use their sense of smell to find certain foods and avoid others that are poisonous, which helps them stay safe from harm while they’re looking for food.

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What Smells Do Ants Hate?

There are many things that ants can be repelled by. Some of these can be used as methods for getting rid of ants.

Some smells can actually repel ants. These include:

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Mint Leaves
  • Citrus Oils
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Rosemary Essential oil can be used in place of lemongrass.
peppermint closeup in wooden spoon

What Scents Are Ants Attracted To?

The most important scent to ants is the pheromones they can secrete. 

Pheromones are used for communication between ants, which is why it’s so important. This includes communication about food and death.

Aide from the pheromones ants themselves emit, they are also attracted to other scents such as:

  • Sweet-scented foods (like sugar)
  • Sugary drinks
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Grease and oil fats
  • Fruit or fruit-scented things (candles) 
  • Perfume
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
ant eating on a spoon

What can ants smell?

Ants can smell a lot of things. The olfactory receptor system within ants is made up of 400 distinct odorant receptors. These are all unique scents that ants can pick up on.

These amazing insects can detect the scent of many things, such as food sources and predators nearby. 

They can also identify other members of their colonies by smelling pheromones they secrete throughout their bodies. 

Finally, these scents can act as a warning system for ants to keep away from areas where predators can be found.

Ant in the small world

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ants Have a Good Sense of Smell?

Ants have a very good sense of smell, the best among insects. They use this remarkably sophisticated sense of smell to find food or tell apart from other ants.

Do Ants Smell Danger?

Yes, they can. Ants can detect the smells of predators and other dangers such as fire or chemicals. These can trigger an ant to escape from the area. In addition, many species of ants can detect when a member of their colony is in danger due to the release of pheromones.

Do Ants Find Food Through Smell?

Yes, ants find food through smell – though they have to be close to it, in order to pick up on the scent. Hence, it’s only partly due to their smell, that they find food. When they do find some, they’ll let other ants know through pheromones though, which the ants then pick up on with their sense of smell.

Can Ants Smell Better Than Dogs?

Yes, ants are equipped with a better sense of smell than dogs are. Dogs are already about 40 times better at picking up scents than humans are – which should tell you just how great ants’ sense of smell is. These little insects can pick up on scents, even if there are only tiny chemical signals present.

Can Ants Smell Rain?

Some people believe that ants can smell the rain coming, but there are mixed opinions on the topic. Ants are able to pick up changes in humidity levels though, which could be why they seem to be able to smell rain.

When it’s raining, ants will crawl deep into their nest.

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