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Can Ants Get High? Alcohol and Narcotics Effect on Ants

Yes, ants can get both drunk and high, just like us humans.

Ants can come across alcohol naturally in nature from rotten fruit, or alcohol produced by bacteria. If you have ants in your backyard, they might even drink some that you’ve spilled.

The same goes for narcotics.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the topic of intoxicated and high ants.

Can Ant Get High?

The answer is yes. Ants can indeed get high from the consumption of narcotics. A study from 2016 shows that ants can even get addicted to drugs [1]. If ants are exposed to drugs, they’ll easily get hooked by it – and they might even like it more than sugar.

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How Do Ants Get High?

Ants can get high by eating opioids and consuming poisonous berries that can put them into a state of paralysis.

Ants won’t get high from eating weed though. Cannabinoid receptors are absent in insects, which means, cannabis won’t have any effect on them [2].

poisonous berries

What Happens When Ants Get High?

The effect of drugs on ants is very strong. A study shows that ants exposed to porphine get addicted quite fast. This turns their natural behavior upside down, where they’ll rather eat a morphine substance rather than something with nutrients or sugar.

Ants can, if they ingest enough, also die from drug consumption.

The effects can vary widely depending on dosage and can include stimulant, sedative, and depressant effects.

Can Ants Get Drunk?

Yes, ants can get drunk. Alcohol affects ants just like it affects humans. Their behavior changes, they’ll struggle walking and they most likely won’t really know what’s going on.

If ants come across alcoholic beverages or substances with a lot of sugar in them, they’ll drink it, as ants are very attracted to sugar.

ants and alcohol

Alcohol is made through fermentation, which can be described as the conversion of sugars into ethanol by yeast or other microorganisms. This process can occur naturally in fruits that have been left out for too long such as oranges and apples. 

When ants eat fermented food, they can become intoxicated. Alcohol can also be created by certain types of bacteria, which can live in the gut of an ant and ferment carbohydrates into alcohol.

Ants can also get intoxicated by eating too much sugar. The sugars inside the nectar can ferment while the ant is digesting it, causing the ant to feel intoxicated. This can lead to ants that are too drunk to get back home or walk in a straight line.

Are Ants Addicted to Alcohol?

The answer is yes. Ants can become dependent on the effects of alcohol just like humans can. When ants are exposed to moderate levels of ethanol, they change their behavior to favor feeding on sugar solutions containing higher concentrations of ethanol than normal food sources would offer them.

Can Ants Get Sick From Consuming Alcohol?

Yes, ants get sick from consuming alcohol. Ants can become extremely intoxicated and can even die as a result of eating substances with high levels of alcohol in them. 

Although the level at which an ant dies from alcohol consumption varies based on breed size, sex, and age.

Ants can become intoxicated by eating food or drinking a liquid that has alcohol in it.

When they consume sugar with large amounts of alcohol, the ants can get sick because their bodies are not equipped to properly break down ethanol (the type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks). 

How Do Ants Recover When They Are Drunk?

When a human has too much to drink, they can get sick. Some of the symptoms can include vomiting and nausea from drinking too much alcohol in a short period of time. Ants can also get these types of effects when consuming alcohol or narcotics because it affects their bodies just like how it does for humans. 

To recover from this, ants can do different things. The main cure against intoxication is time. This goes for ants as well as humans.

Ants can also vomit alcohol by regurgitating their food. When an ant consumes too much ethanol and becomes intoxicated, they can expel the excess amounts of alcohol through their mouths. 

It can also take some ants a little longer than others to recover from consuming alcohol because they can have different tolerances for ethanol and their bodies can absorb it at varying rates depending on the species of ant as well as what types of food they eat.

Can Ants Die From Consuming Alcohol?

Yes, Ants can die from consuming too much alcohol. They can’t process it properly and can suffer organ failure as a result of ingesting too much ethanol.

What Happens if You Give Ants Edible Weed?

Ants can’t get high off of weed, unlike humans. If the edible substance contains sugar, the ants will most likely be attracted to it, thinking it contains healthy nutrients. Their lack of cannabinoid receptors will keep them from being affected though.

This lack of cannabinoid receptors seems to be unique to insects, as these appear in all mammals, birds, fish, and most primitive animals with a nerve network.

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ant mandible close up

Will Ants Eat Weed Plants?

Ants can crawl on, eat and destroy weed plants. They can also take over an entire colony in a few days’ time if there is no way to stop them from infesting your marijuana garden or grow room.

Because they can be so destructive when allowed access, the best thing you can do for your cannabis plants is to keep ants away.

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