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How Long Can Ants Live Without Food and Water?

Ants can live for four to ten days without food. The exact amount of days depends on how much food they have stored up in the nest, how active they are, and the temperature of their environment.

Ants typically need one gram of food per day to maintain their weight.

If ants do not get any nutrition in a week or two they will starve to death, just like any other living creature. 

In this article, you will learn how an ant’s life span is determined by how it finds food, what it eats, and why it might not eat at all.

How Long Can Ants Live Without Food?

Ants can live for a period of four to ten days without food. Most ants live for about one year in total.

Workers, who are the most active and spend much of their time outside searching for food, usually only live four to ten days without a meal.

Ants dry out if they do not drink water because all insects need water to keep them hydrated; living up in trees or among leaves helps protect some species from drying out. 

Ants can find their food sources by following pheromones or other trails laid down by ants; how they find what they eat may determine how long an ant can survive without a meal.

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ants eating their food  and drinking water to live

How Long Can Ants Live Without Water?

Ants may live without food for four to ten days, but how long can ants survive without water?

Ants living up high in trees or among leaves are less likely to dry out than those on the ground, where it is more challenging to get enough moisture from rain and dew. 

If ants don’t find a way of getting water after about two weeks of being away from any source, then they will die due to dehydration.

The most common way for ants to find water is from the ground because they live on and among plants; the food chain of a typical ant’s diet will also provide them with moisture.

Some species can also drink straight from sources like streams, pools, or puddles.

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ants drinking water to live

Can An Ant Colony Survive Without Food?

Ant colonies do not typically survive without food for long.

Ants will either find a new queen, kick the old one out of the colony, and start with just larvae or eggs with the remaining food they have. 

They will lay their eggs if there is no other option because, after only about two weeks without food. An ant that goes hungry too long will die from starvation even though it may have stored up some food in its body beforehand (some worker ants work as living food storage).

The most common way ants would go four to ten days without finding any food is if something were preventing them from going outside, like rain.

The more active ants, who are always on patrol, might be able to scavenge enough small insects under rocks and logs so they can eat and provide food for the colony.

ants colony eating food to survive

Is it possible for an ant colony to survive without finding its food?

Ant colonies can only live about four weeks without some sort of nourishment coming into them, no matter how many ants are around in that period.

What Do Ants Eat?

Ants eat various things, including plant matter like aphids and mealybugs, animal carcasses (or human garbage), and other insects.

All ants need to find food for their colony to survive; some species are more active than others when it comes to finding resources because they live up among leaves or higher off the ground where rain is good enough for them.

At the same time, others live closer to the ground where there can be too much dew which is not as healthy for them.

Ants also store new foods in extraordinary chambers called granaries, where they will be dried out if the weather is too wet or humid outside.

ants eating anything

What Do Ants Use Food For?

Ants primarily use food for two things: eating and feeding their younglings (larvae).

Insects need to find food in order for their colony to survive. Some ants are more active than others, like those who live among leaves and high rocks where there is less chance they will dehydrate.

These insects do not need as much energy from food because they have enough moisture around them or in nearby plants.

Nevertheless, those that rely heavily on scavenging dead animals (or human garbage) may require more nutrition so that their colonies can continue living without being kicked out by a new queen.

Food provides essential proteins and vitamins, which help insects grow strong and healthy while also giving them the energy needed for essential activities such as reproduction. Insects store unused foods inside extraordinary chambers called granaries if the weather outside is too wet or humid.

ants use their food to eat and feeding their larvae

Eat: Food Provides Energy to the Workers

Ants need food to survive, and their diet can vary greatly depending on what type of ant they are.

The most common way for an insect to gain energy is through eating proteins and vitamins provided by protein-rich foods, which help them grow strong and healthy, while also giving them enough power for essential activities such as reproducing. 

Most colonies will store unused food in extraordinary chambers called granaries where there is less chance rain or dew will cause it to spoil.

Ants need nourishment just as much as humans do because insects require protein-rich foods, which give them the strength to grow and reproduce.

Some ants are more active than others while scavenging for food, but all require some sort of nourishment to survive.

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Food Provides Energy to the Workers ants

Larvae: Food Help the Larvae Grow

Ant larvae are fed by the adults in their colony. The worker ants will find food for the larva they have stored up beforehand and then chew it into a paste before passing it to them with their mouthparts.

Larvae eat regular food like aphids or white sugar, which gives them energy while also helping them grow strong.

They need this nourishment because it provides essential protein and vitamins and because without enough sustenance, they cannot survive on their own until adulthood (which would be about 100 days).

ant larvae eating regularly

What Happens When an Ant Colony Runs Out of Food

When an ant colony runs out of food, the queen may live off her fat reserves for a while, but eventually, she will be forced to lay unfertilized eggs that will turn into males. The colonies survive by eating insects and other animals when they are available. 

Ants have learned to eat anything they can to stay alive.

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