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Boston Terrier Price: What Do They Cost? (Price Guide)

The price of Boston Terriers varies between $550 and $4500 if they are purchased from a breeder. Sheltered Boston terriers cost between $300 and $600, while the adoption fees are between $50 and $350.

If you want to buy a Boston Terrier and you are not sure what to expect, this article explores all the expenses related to adopting a Boston Terrier. 

This includes all initial and maintenance costs:

  • The dog
  • The initial supplies
  • Medical procedures
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Pet insurance
  • Food 
  • Grooming
  • Training 

Other factors that influence the price of a Boston Terrier, such as their color, are discussed in detail below.

How Much Are Boston Terriers?

Boston Terriers cost between $550 and $4500. Their price differs, depending on where they are purchased from. Sheltered Boston terriers cost between $300 and $600 dollars, while the adoption directly from owners of a Boston Terrier costs between $50 and $350.

Boston Terriers’ prices differ according to these factors:

  • Where they are purchased from (breeder, shelter, or other owners)
  • Age
  • Quality of the parents 
  • Color
  • Breed popularity in the area
  • Prior training
  • Reputation of the seller
  • Prior medical expenses

How Much Is a Boston Terrier From Breeders?

The price of a Boston Terrier at breeders is between $1000 and $4000. This is the price for puppies coming from high-quality parents. It is possible to buy a purebred Boston Terrier for as low as $550.

Before buying a puppy from a breeder, make sure you check if they use healthy dogs as parents, and that they are not cruel to the mothers. 

Some breeders breed females excessively[1] until they fall ill, simply for the purpose of making more money. This impacts the health of the puppies.

How Much Is a Boston Terrier From Breeders

How Much Do Boston Terriers Cost In Shelters?

Sheltered Boston Terriers cost between $300 and $600. 

There is a popular belief that sheltered dogs are free. This is not true.

Shelters invest in medical care before adoption. Some shelters even neuter or spay stray Boston Terriers.

The price for a Boston Terrier is equivalent to the costs you would have to invest after purchasing a dog from a breeder.

How Much Do Boston Terriers Cost to Adopt from Other Owners Cost?

Adopting a Boston Terrier directly from other owners is free. Some owners also give you the dog’s bed, collar, toys, and other supplies as they won’t need them anymore. This can reduce your further investment.

Boston Terriers are among the most popular dogs in the United States according to the American Kennel Club[2]. They occupy 23rd place among 197 breeds. 

This makes it somewhat easy for you to find someone who wants to give them away.

How Much Do Boston Terriers Cost to Adopt from Other Owners Cost

Boston Terrier Price vs Other Breeds

Boston Terriers’ prices are in the same range as the ones of German Shepherds, Jack Russell Terriers, and Dachshunds. 

This table lists the price of some of the most popular breeds in the United States in 2022.

Boston Terrier $550 – $4000
Dachshunds$500 – $4000
Labrador Retriever$700 – $1500
German Shorthaired Pointers$600 – $1500
French Bulldog$1500 – $3000
Golden Retriever$1000 – $3000
Rottweilers$1500 – $2500
German Shepherd$1000 – $4000
Beagles$300 – $1200
Poodles$500 – $2000
Bulldogs$1000 – $6000
Jack Russell Terrier$600 – $4500

Price of Different Boston Terrier Colors

The price of Boston Terriers differs according to their color. Some colors are rare and others are not accepted by the American Kennel Club because they don’t fulfill the breed standard requirements.[3] 

Boston terriers come in many colors. Those with the colors accepted by the American Kennel Club are listed around the same price range of $550 to $4500:

Other colors, such as red or blue are less expensive. 

Lilac Boston Terriers cost more because they are rare, even though they are not accepted in competitions.

Red Boston Terrier Price$550 – $2000
Blue Boston Terrier Price$600 – $1200
Lilac Boston Terrier Price$2000 – $3600
Brown Boston Terrier Price$550 – $4500
Black Boston Terrier Price$550 – $4500
Brindle Boston Terrier Price$550 – $4500

Boston Terrier Price for Initial Supplies

The initial supplies for Boston Terriers cost between $120 and $650. This range depends on the quality of the products. This doesn’t mean the most expensive products are the best. 

Some supplies, such as a bed, are essential for your Boston Terrier’s comfort. More expensive dog beds are often larger and more comfortable. Still, your dog can sleep well on a cheap bed. 

If you are a first-time owner, try not to overdo it with the supplies. You will learn what products suit your Boston terrier best after they use them for a while.

This table lists the prices for the main initial supplies for Boston Terriers.

SupplyCostIs It Important?
Bed$15 – $110Yes 
Food bowl$5 – $40Yes 
Water bowl$5 – $40Yes 
First-aid kit$15 – $50Yes 
Collar or Harness$5 – $40Yes 
Leash $5 – $30Yes 
Toothbrush and toothpaste$5 – $15Yes 
ID tag$5 – $20Yes, but not compulsory
Poop scooper$10 – $30Yes 
Poop bags$15 – $110Yes 
Odor removal sprayYes, but not compulsoryYes, but not compulsory
Toys$15 – $100No
House training pads$15 – $45Yes, but not compulsory
TOTAL$120 – $650

Boston Terrier Medical Care Costs

The medical costs for Boston Terriers’ annual medical procedures vary between $276 and $877, with an average of $576.5 per year. During the first year of life, the cost for these procedures is lower, at $527, on average.

Boston Terriers are generally healthy dogs. But they do need medical assistance once in a while, even if they are not sick.

 This assistance includes regular check-ups required to prevent certain diseases Boston Terriers are prone to, such as brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome.[4]

This table lists the costs for the main annual medical procedures for Boston Terriers

Medical ProcedureFirst-year CostsAnnual Costs
Routine care and vaccines$100 – $350$80 – $250
Distemper vaccination $20 – $30$40 – $60
Rabies vaccination$15 – $50– 
Flea and tick prevention$40 – $200$40 – $200
Deworming $20 – $50$80 – $200
Heartworm prevention$24 – $120$36 – $132
Heartworm tests$0 – $35$0 – $35
Total Cost$219 – $835$276 – $877
Average Cost$527$576.5

What Is the Price for the Treatment of Boston Terrier Diseases?

The price for potential Boston Terrier diseases ranges from $50 to $4000, depending on the procedure. 

The most common expensive medical interventions Boston Terriers need during their lifetime are:

  • Stenotic nares resection ( $200 – $1000 )
  • Soft palate resection ( $500 – $1500 )
  • Eye surgery ( $2700 – $4000 )

This table lists the main Boston Terrier health issues and their approximate costs.

Health IssueCosts 
Eye infection$115.45
Skin infection$175.97
Ear infection$149.30
Upset stomach$385.46
Bladder issues$617.17
Sprains $267.17
Patellar Luxation$300 – $2000
Glaucoma$50 – $1500
Cataracts$1500 – $3000
Congenital deafness$100 – $300
Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome$200 – $1500
Legg-Calve-Perthes disease$1000 – $3000
Cushing’s disease $600 – $2500

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Spaying or Neutering Boston Terriers

The cost of sterilization of Boston Terriers differs for males and females. Neutering costs between $75 and  $250 and the recovery is quick. Spaying costs between $200 and $400, and requires more recovery days.

Spaying and neutering are risky procedures if it is not performed in sterilized environments. 

Some clinics offer spaying procedures for as low as $40, but their sanitation conditions are usually subpar. 

Avoid putting your dog’s life at risk by playing less for this medical intervention.

Spaying or Neutering Boston Terriers

Pet Insurance Costs for Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier pet insurance costs between $11.95 and $58.67 per month. This comes out to an average of $35.31 per month and $423.72 per year.

Pet insurances are generally more affordable for dog owners than having to pay for every medical procedure their dog requires. 

In 2021, there were around four million pet insurance policies in the United States[5] and the number is on the rise.

This table lists how much Boston Terrier pet insurance costs compared to other popular breeds in the United States.

BreedAverage Monthly Premium
Golden Retriever$41.26
Labrador Retriever$41.26
Boston Terrier$35.31
German Shepherd$34.22

Costs for Boston Terrier Food

Boston Terriers’ food costs between $16 and $22 per month. The yearly costs of dog food for Boston Terriers vary between $192 and $264.

The average amount of food adult Boston Terriers require is 1 to 1,75 cups per day. This amount differs according to age and weight. 

Costs for Boston Terrier Food

Boston Terriers Grooming Costs

The grooming expenses for Boston Terriers are $240 per year, on average. 

If you decide to do the grooming yourself, you will only have to pay for the initial supplies, which cost between $35 and $495.

This table lists the expenses for the initial grooming supplies for Boston Terriers.

Initial SuppliesCosts
Dog hair dryer$20 – $400
Brush or comb$5 – $45
Shampoo$5 – $20
Toenail clippers$5 – $30
TOTAL$35 – $495

Boston Terrier Training Costs

Training Boston Terriers costs range from $1050 to $1400. This expense is due only once. Boston terriers are smart dogs who don’t need multiple training implementations. 

If you want to train your Boston Terrier yourself, you have to pay $396, on average, for the training supplies.

This table lists the Supplies needed for the training of Boston Terriers.

Training SuppliesAverage Cost
Soft Collar$50
Treat Pouch$36
Two-metre training lead$20
Two identical toys$20
Soft grooming Brush$25
Soft mat$30


Boston Terriers come with the obvious initial cost that includes the purchase and the initial supplies they need. There are some regular purchases you need to make to sustain your Boston Terrier. 

The one-time costs for Boston Terriers include:

  • Adoption or purchase fees
  • Initial supplies costs
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Training 

The recurring expenses for the maintenance of Boston Terriers include:

  • Food 
  • Grooming
  • Medical assistance
  • Pet insurance

This table lists the costs of the essential purchases Boston Terriers need.

Essential PurchaseAverage One-time CostAverage Costs per MonthAverage Costs per Year
Adoption fees$200– – 
Initial supplies$385– – 
Medical assistance– – $551.75
Grooming– $20$240
Food– $19.1$232.5

This table lists the costs of the essential purchases Boston Terriers need.

Optional PurchaseAverage One-time CostAverage Costs per MonthAverage Costs per Year
Buying costs$1050– – 
Training$1225– – 
Neutering $237.5– – 
Pet insurance– $35.31$423.72

Can I Reduce the Costs for a Boston Terrier?

If you want to reduce the costs of buying a Boston Terrier, start by adopting a puppy instead of buying one from a breeder. If you are not fond of adoptions, you can reduce the costs by grooming and training your Boston terrier yourself.

Keeping your Boston terrier healthy is also a way to reduce your expenses. Engage them in high amounts of physical activity and keep the stress free. 

This way your visits to the vet remain for the strictly necessary yearly procedures. 

Try not to be overprotective because your dog will feel constrained and become stressed. As long as you are happy, your Boston terrier is happy. A happy dog is a healthy dog.

Purchasing a pet insurance policy can be cheaper than paying for every medical service your Boston Terrier requires. This is a great option especially if your dog is not the healthiest in the bunch. 


Boston Terriers cost between $550 and $4500. Their price variation is influenced by factors such as color or age. Besides the costs for the actual purchase, Boston Terriers come with additional monthly and yearly costs that can rise up to $1500 per year. 

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