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West Highland Terrier Price: What Do They Cost?

West highland Terriers cost between $1,500 and $3,500 from breeders. They are cheaper to adopt from shelters, with adoption fees around $350 to $600. Adopting Westies from first-time owners costs between $50 and $300. 

Westies are cute and fun to be around. But how much do they cost? And what do you have to pay monthly for their care?

This article explores the following costs for West Highland White Terriers:

  • Price from breeders
  • Price from shelters
  • Price from owners
  • Initial supplies cost
  • Medical care costs
  • Spaying or neutering price
  • Grooming costs
  • Pet insurance premium
  • Price for food
  • One-time costs
  • Monthly costs
  • Annual costs

West Highland White Terrier Pricing 

The price of West Highland White Terrier puppies is between $1,500 and $3,000 at breeders. You can get them from shelters for between $350 and $600, or directly from owners for between $50 and $300. 

Type of PurchasePrice
Westies puppy price at breeders$1,500–$3,000
Westie puppy price at shelters$350–$600
Westies price directly from owners$50–$300

How Much Does a West Highland White Terrier Cost at Breeders?

Westie puppies cost between $1500 and $3000 to buy from breeders (on average). 

Breeders are the most expensive when it comes to buying a pup. You can get a Westie puppy for as little as $700, but these breeders often have a bad reputation. 

Reputable breeders take care of recommended health tests for the parents to avoid genetic diseases. This, combined with vaccination and training of the pup, drives up the price.

How Much Does a West Highland White Terrier Cost at Breeders

7 Factors that Influence Westie Price at Breeders

Westies don’t have the same price at every breeder. These factors highly influence their cost:

  1. How old they are (puppies are more expensive than adults).
  2. How popular Westies are in the area.
  3. How reliable the breeder is.
  4. The medical procedures the breeder invested in (includes vaccination and neutering).
  5. If they come from champion families or not.
  6. If they were early socialized.
  7. If the puppies attended training prior to purchase.

How to assess the reputation of a West Highland White Terrier breeder:

  • Do online research on their reviews.
  • Check if they are members of a club.
  • Ask to have a kennel tour.
  • Check their license.
  • Check the well-being of the parents of the Westies you want to buy.

How Much Is a West Highland White Terrier from Shelters?

Westie puppies cost between $350 and $600 if you adopt them from shelters. 

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 2 million dogs are adopted from shelters each year in the United States[1]. The adoption rates are continually increasing.[2]

The adoption fees for Westies include vaccination, sterilization, training, and other medical procedures the shelter provides.

Here is a list of Westie Rescue Centers you can adopt from:

How Much Is a West Highland White Terrier from Shelters

Price of Westies Puppies from Owners

The fees for adopting a Westies directly from their owner are between $50 and $350.

Adopting a Westie directly from previous owners is not free as you still have to run some tests to see if your dog is healthy. You will also have to change the data on your Westie’s microchip and register them under your name.

Adopting a Westie directly from their owner might not be as easy as you think. Their popularity has decreased over the years (even in the UK) where they were more popular than in the US.[3] This makes them difficult to find.

West Highland White Terrier Price Vs. Other Breeds

West Highland White Terriers are in the same price range as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and French Bulldogs. Westies are more expensive than Poodles and Airedale Terriers, especially if they come from champion families.

This table lists the price of Westies compared to other popular breeds.

West Highland White Terriers$1,500–$3,500
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels$1,000–$3,500
Jack Russell Terriers$6,00–$4,500
French Bulldogs$1,500–$3,000
Labrador Retrievers$700–$1,500
German Shorthaired Pointers$600–$1,500
German Shepherds$1,000–$4,000
Golden Retrievers$1,000–$3,000
Airedale Terriers$500 – $2,000
Boston Terriers$550–$4,000

How Much Do Westie Mixes Cost?

Westie mixes are generally less expensive than purebred Westies and cost between $200 and $5,000. 

The Westiepoo is the most expensive Westie mix and costs between $1,500 and $5,000.

HybridResults FromAverage Price
WestiepooWestie + Poodle$1,500–$5,000
ChestieWestie + Chihuahua~$800
WauzerWestie + Schnauzer$1,000 – $1,500
WeshiWestie + Shi Tzu$200 – $600
How Much Do Westie Mixes Cost
Image Source

Westie Dog price for Initial Supplies

The initial supplies for Westies cost between $115 and $635. This includes the essential purchases that every dog needs, such as a bed, bowls, and more.

If you are a first-time dog owner, you will probably make some mistakes with the initial supplies. These mistakes include purchasing a smaller food bowl than needed or buying a leash that is not long enough. 

Try not to spend too much on the initial supplies or to get informed on what you need to buy. This way you will avoid unnecessary expenses.

This table lists the prices for the main initial supplies for West Highland White Terriers.

ID tag$5–$20
First-aid kit$15–$50
Water bowl$5–$40
Food bowl$5–$40
Collar or Harness$5–$40
Leash $5–$30
Poop scooper$10–$30
Poop bags$15–$110
Odor removal spray$5–$20
House training pads$15–$45
Westie Dog price for Initial Supplies

West Highland Terrier Cost for Spaying or Neutering

Spaying Westie females costs between $200 and $400. Neutering males costs between $75 and $250.

Spaying is more expensive than neutering. This is because the procedure is more complicated and the recovery lasts longer.

Some vets perform spaying for as low as $50. Even though it sounds tempting, avoid acquiring the services of these vets. The medical procedure is not performed under sterile conditions and can get your Westie killed.

West Highland White Terrier Medical Care Cost

The medical care costs for Westies are between $219 and $877 per year. Vaccination and deworming cost $527 on average for the first year. The average annual cost for these procedures is $576.5.

Westies need yearly vaccination and deworming. When they are sick you will need to pay for each procedure if you don’t have pet insurance. 

The prices for the most common treatments vary between $50 and $3000.

Vaccination & DewormingFirst-year CostsAnnual Costs
Distemper vaccination $20–$30$40–$60
Rabies vaccination$15–$50– 
Routine care and vaccines$100–$350$80–$250
Heartworm tests$0–$35$0–$35
Heartworm prevention$24 – $120$36–$132
Deworming $20–$50$80–$200
Flea and tick prevention$40–$200$40–$200
TOTAL$219 – $835$276–$877
West Highland White Terrier Medical Care Cost

This table lists the costs of several health issues of West Highland White Terriers.

Health IssueCosts 
Skin infection$175.97
Eye infection$115.45
Upset stomach$385.46
Ear infection$149.30
Bladder issues$617.17
Sprains $267.17
Patellar Luxation$300–$2,000
Congenital deafness$100–$300
Cushing’s disease $600–$2,500
Legg-Calve-Perthes disease$1,000–$3,000
Addison’s disease[5]$50 – $200 per month
Pulmonary fibrosis[6][7]$12 – $20 per day

Pet Insurance Costs for West Highland White Terriers

The average cost of a monthly pet insurance premium for Westies is $44.86. There are multiple types of pet insurance policies you can buy, such as lifetime, annual, per condition, and accident-only policies. Lifetime policies are the most expensive, around $60 per month. Accident-only policies are among the most affordable and cost around $24 per month.

The number of pet owners who access pet insurance is on the rise. While 2,156,488 pets were insured in 2018, this number almost doubled in 2021[8]

This suggests that pet insurance is more affordable than paying for every medical need of your dog.

Pet insurance cost is influenced by the dog’s age, breed, the insurance’s coverage, and period. Some breeds are predisposed to more health issues than others. 

The insurance policy is also more expensive if you have more benefits.

Here is a list of what the most expensive pet insurance policies for West Highland White Terriers cover:

  • Kennel fees
  • Loss of theft
  • Liability cover
  • Death by injury or illness
  • Training for behavioral issues
  • Vet costs
Pet Insurance Costs for West Highland White Terriers

This table lists how much Westies’ pet insurance costs compared to other popular breeds in the United States.

BreedAverage Monthly Premium
West Highland White Terrier$44.86
Airedale Terriers$60.00
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$45.50
Labrador Retriever$41.26
Boston Terrier$35.31
German Shepherd$34.22
Golden Retriever$41.26

Types of Pet Insurance for Westies

There are 4 types of pet insurance for Westies:

  1. Accident-only policies 
  2. Maximum benefits of ‘per condition’ policies
  3. Annual policies
  4. Lifetime policies

The price for these policies differs according to their benefits. The least expensive are accident-only policies that have monthly premiums of around $24. The most expensive are the lifetime policies, that cover around $100,000, in total. 

1. Accident-only Policies

Among the most affordable pet insurance, this type of policy covers all medical care Westies need after an accident. 

You will have to pay for all other medical care your dog needs throughout their lifetime.

2. Maximum Benefits or ‘per Condition’ Policies

This type of insurance policy covers all expenses for a specific health issue. 

If you get this policy for patellar luxation, you will not have to pay for any of the medical care required for this disease. These include vet visits and medical procedures, including surgery. 

The price for this type of insurance depends on the disease.

3. Annual Policies

Annual pet insurance policies cover medical expenses for the duration of one year. You will have a monthly payment for a limited period of 12 months. 

The price of annual policies differs on what you choose to cover.

The advantage of this type of policy is you can change it every year according to your Westies health issues.

4. Lifetime Policies

This is the most expensive type of insurance you can get for your Westie. It covers the medical care expenses throughout your dog’s life. 

Lifetime pet insurance policies for Westies are around $60 per month. Some lifetime policies for pets increase in price as dogs get older.

Westies Grooming Costs

Professional grooming for Westies costs between $35 and $55 per month. This depends on the procedures. If you decide to perform the grooming yourself, the initial supplies cost between $45 and $530.

Westies are double-coated and have medium-lengths wire hair. This type of coat requires special care.

Here is a list of the main Westie grooming needs:

  • Daily coat brushing
  • Daily teeth brushing
  • Bathing every 4 to 6 weeks
  • Monthly nail trimming
  • Monthly ear cleaning
  • Hair clipping every 4 months
  • Hand-stripping every 3 to 4 months

Most of the grooming procedures can be done at home. Hand-stripping is harder to perform, this is why most Westie owners prefer to have a professional groomer do it. 

Westie Face Grooming
Image Source

This table lists the average prices for professional Westie grooming procedures.

Shave down$55–$65
Scissor cut$65–$75
Hand-strip $75–$90
Flea bath$10–$20
Nail trim$15–$20

DIY Grooming Costs

If you decide to do the grooming yourself, invest in hypoallergenic products for bathing. Westies have a predisposition for atopic dermatitis, a skin condition that causes itching. 

Moisturizing products that are free of parabens, perfume, formaldehyde, and sulfates are best but more expensive.

This table lists the expenses for the initial supplies for DIY Westie grooming.

Initial SuppliesCosts
Ear cleanser$5–$20
Coat brush $5–$45
Toothbrush and toothpaste$5–$15
Dog hair dryer$20–$400
Toenail clippers$5–$30

The Price of Westies’ Food

Westies’ food costs between $12 and $15 per month. This adds up to between $144 and $180 per year.

The difference in food price lies in the quality. Westies are predisposed to skin allergies, so hypoallergenic food is recommended. This costs around $15 on average per month. 

Adult Westies eat more than puppies. Puppy food is in the same price range as adult food, but as puppies eat less they are cheaper to feed. 

The Price of Westies’ Food

West Highland White Terrier Training Costs

The average price of a training class for Westies is between $30 and $80. Obedience training programs for Westie puppies cost between $200 and $600. The average cost for the initial training supplies for DIY training is $396.

Westies can be stubborn and have a predisposition for aggression. They have a well-developed prey instinct, triggered by small animals or objects. This is why they need training since early puppyhood. 

The amount of training your Westie needs depends on their personality and eagerness to please.

You can either take your Westie to a professional trainer or you can do it yourself. Professional training usually lasts less than DIY training. Still, this depends on your skills in dog training. 

This table lists the supplies needed for the training of West Highland White Terriers.

Training SuppliesAverage Cost
Two identical toys$20
Two-metre training lead$20
Treat Pouch$36
Soft grooming Brush$25
Soft mat$30
Soft Collar$50
West Highland White Terrier Training Costs

One-time Costs for West Highland White Terriers

The one-time costs for Westies include Essential and Optional purchases. The essential purchases cost between $575 and $3075. The optional purchases cost around $637.5.

Essential PurchaseAverage One-time Cost
Adoption fees / buying cost$200 – $2,500
Initial supplies$375
TOTAL$575 – $3,075
Optional PurchaseAverage One-time Cost
Neutering $237.5

Monthly Costs for Westies

The monthly costs for the maintenance of West Highland Terriers are between $57.5 and $102.36. Food and grooming are essential, while pet insurance is optional.

Essential PurchaseAverage Costs per Month
Pet Insurance (optional)$44.86

Anual Costs for Westies

The annual costs for the care of Westies are between $1,631 and $2,169.32. This includes medical care, food, grooming, and pet insurance, which is optional.

Essential PurchaseAverage Costs per Year
Medical care$941
Pet insurance (optional)$538.32


West Highland White Terriers’ price ranges between $1,500 and $3,500. The adoption fees vary between $50 and $600. The monthly costs for the care of Westies range between $57.5 and $102.36. This adds up to an annual cost between $1,631 and $2,169.32. The annual cost also includes medical assistance.

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