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Boston Terrier Jack Russell Mix (Bo-Jack): Breed Overview

The Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix is the result of crossbreeding Boston Terriers and Jack Russells. This mix is also called Bojack or Bo-Jack. They are loyal loving dogs that like spending time with their owners. 

Both Jack Russells and Boston Terriers are appreciated for their exciting personalities. Their mix is even more lovable because they get the best traits from both parents. 

Imagine having a dog who is as playful as Jack Russell and as friendly as the Boston Terrier.

If you are curious about the Bojack, this article talks about their origin, appearance, and temperament. 

You will also learn the drawdowns, such as what diseases they are prone to and how much they cost.

Boston Terrier Jack Russell Mix Characteristics Overview

The Boston Terrier Jack Rusell mix is energetic and fun to be around. They are loving dogs that sometimes act independently. This mix is small to medium and gets features from both parents. This is why they can have single or double coats, as well as various colors. 

Bojacks need high amounts of physical exercise. They are prone to various behavior issues, which require early training.

The mix loves to play and spend time outdoors. They also need a routine as they don’t enjoy change.

This table lists the main characteristics of Boston Terrier Jack Russel Mix



10 – 17 inches


13  – 25 pounds


9 – 12 years

Dog Breed Group

Mixed breed

Coat Type

Single or double

Coat length


Coat color

Black, brown, red, brindle, tan, white


Dark, brown


Black, brown






2 stars

Grooming Difficulty

1 star


Apartment living

3 stars

Good for beginners

3 stars

Can be alone

3 stars

Cold weather tolerance

3 stars

Hot weather tolerance

3 stars

Friendliness & Temper


5 stars


4 stars


3 stars


4 stars

Friendly to Strangers

3 stars


5 stars

Trainability & Needs

Easy to train

3 stars


3 stars

Hunting Instinct

5 stars


4 stars

Energy Level

5 stars

3 Reasons To Get a Bo-Jack

Bo-Jacks are intelligent and have a long lifespan. They are easy to maintain and do not need professional grooming.

1. Bo-Jacks Are Smart 

Bo-Jacks Are Smart 
Image Source

Bo-Jacks are not at the top of the list in terms of intelligence, but they are smarter than most breeds. 

A study[1] that analyzed the working intellect and obedience of 130 breeds placed Jack Russells 46th on the list and Boston Terriers at 54th. 

Even though Bojacks can be self-willed, they understand human gestures better than other breeds. This is because of their ancestors, Jack Russells, who have a well-developed hunting instinct

Dogs bred for hunting generally have a better comprehension of human gestures.[2]

If you are looking for a dog who you can easily communicate with, Bo-Jacks are a great choice.

2. Boston Terrier Jack Russell Mix Dogs Have a Long Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix is highly influenced by the life expectancy of their parent breeds. Boston Terriers live between 11 and 13 years, while Jack Russells are the longest-living dogs[3], with an average lifespan between 13 and 16 years.

Crossbreds generally live longer than purebreds, with some exceptions[4]. Considering the fact that the oldest Jack Russell Terrier lived to be 20 years of age, Bojacks have a longer life expectancy than most dog breeds.

3. Bo-Jacks Don’t Require Professional Grooming

Bojacks are moderate to low shedders and don’t have any special requirements when it comes to grooming. They need to be bathed occasionally, when they are dirty, but that’s it. 

This mix also needs their ears cleaned and their nails trimmed once in a while.

Brushing Bo-Jacks weekly is enough to control shedding. This stabilizes the oils in their skin and keeps their hair healthy. 

Grooming can be done by the owner. If you don’t have the time, visiting a professional groomer 3 to 4 times a year is recommended.

3 Reasons Not To Get a Bo-Jack

Bo-Jacks have three general drawdowns: they are predisposed to separation anxiety, their hunting instinct is well-developed, and they are prone to aggressive behavior.

1. Bo-Jacks Have a Predisposition for Separation Anxiety

Bo-Jacks Have a Predisposition for Separation Anxiety
Image Source

Bo-Jacks don’t like to spend time alone. They are loyal and form strong bonds with their family members.

When they are left alone for prolonged periods, Bo-Jacks experience high anxiety levels. This leads to destructive behavior and barking.[5]

There is a high correlation between separation anxiety[6] and dogs who have been separated from the litter before 60 days of age. Abandoned dogs are also more predisposed to separation anxiety. 

An interesting aspect of this is that females are less prone to this issue than males.[7]

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2. Boston Jack Russells have a Well-developed Hunting Instinct

Bojacks get their predatory instinct from Jack Russells. Jack Russells were initially bred for hunting. As a result, Jackies and some of their mixed breeds engage in hunting behavior, even if they are now used for companionship. Their brains’ areas responsible for this behavior are more developed than in non-hunting dogs. 

Bo-Jacks don’t chase small animals to kill them, but they enjoy the process of catching them. 

Predatory aggression becomes a problem if you have other small pets around the house. Also, Bojacks risk getting hit by cars while following small prey on the street.

3. Bo-Jacks Have a Predisposition for Aggression

Bo-Jacks get their predisposition for aggression from both their parents. Jack Russells are the 17th most aggressive dogs according to a study conducted on 23 dog breeds in 2021.[8]

Another study[9] from 2019 found a correlation between a dog’s purpose and their behavior. 

Boston terriers were initially bred for pit fights. This leads to a higher tendency to aggressive behavior, such as biting. 

As a result, Bo-Jacks engage in aggressive behavior more than other breeds. 

Aggressive behavior is prevented by:

  • Socialization and training from puppyhood
  • Physical exercise
  • Mental stimulation
  • Neutering of spaying

Boston Terrier and Jack Russell Mix Origin

The exact origin of the Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix is unknown. This mix is relatively new and assumed to originate from the United States. The ancestors of the Bojack have a history of around 200 years. 

Boston Terrier Origin

Boston Terrier Origin

Boston Terriers originate from Boston. They were initially bred for pit fighting, in the second half of the 19th century. 

The American Kennel Club has recognized the Boston Terrier as a breed since 1893. In 1950, the Boston Terrier became the most popular breed in the United States.

The first Boston Terrier was called Hooper’s Judge and was born in Liverpool. His parents were an English Bulldog and a White English Terrier. 

Jack Russell Terrier Origin

Jack Russell Terrier History

Jack Russell Terriers come from England. They were first bred in the 1800s for fox hunting. 

In their early days, Jack Russells had dark colors. This became a problem when hunters mistook them for prey. To prevent this, breeders started crossbreeding them to have large white markings. 

Throughout their history, jack Russells have been recognized as a separate breed by the American Kennel Club. Still, since 2003, they have been included in the Parson Terrier category. The mini Jack Russell is recognized by the AKC as the Russell Terrier.

Bojack Dog Appearance

The Bojack is a small to medium dog that weighs between 13–25 pounds and measures between 10–17 inches in height. They have compact and lean bodies. Their hair is short and slick, laying close to their body. They can be single or double-coated.

Bojacks are athletic, something they inherit from their parents. They aren’t the biggest, but are also not the smallest. They’re somewhere in between.

As for colors, Bojacks can have several:

  • Black with white markings
  • Brown with white markings
  • Red with white markings
  • Tan with white markings
  • Yellow with white markings
  • Brindle with white markings
  • Black, brown, and tan with white markings
  • Pure white (rarely)

This table lists the physical features of Bojacks.

TraitsBoston TerrierJack RussellBojack
Height 15 – 1710 – 1510 – 17 inches
Weight 12 – 2513 – 17 pounds13 – 25 pounds
Coat typeSingle Double Single or double
Coat lengthShort Short Short 
Coat textureSmoothSmooth or wirySmooth 
Coat colorBlack, brown, tan, red, yellow, whiteBlack, brown, brindle, red, whiteBlack, brown, red, brindle, tan, white
MaskYes YesYes
Eyes Dark, black eye rimsBrown Dark, brown
NoseBlack, brownBlack Black, brown
EarsStiff-floppyStiff-floppy Stiff-floppy 

Jack Russell and Boston Terrier Mix Temperament

Jack Russell Boston Terrier mix dogs are loving, energetic, gentle, and don’t have mood swings. But, theyt tned to be independent and self-willed. They are vigilant and make great watchdogs. 

Bojacks have a predisposition for problematic behavior. This can be controlled through training, but is difficult to get rid of. 

They are prey driven and love digging. If they are left home alone regularly for prolonged periods, Bo-Jacks most likely engage in destructive behavior. 

Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix dogs make great family dogs if they are socialized in early puppyhood. This is an essential aspect to look for when you buy a Bojack puppy. 

Some breeders have playgrounds where the puppies can interact with other dogs and humans. 

Jack Russell and Boston Terrier Mix Temperament
Image Source

Are Bojacks Friendly to Other Dogs?

Yes, Bojacks behave well around other dogs. They get this trait from Jack Russells.

Jack Russells were bred to hunt in packs. They love being around other dogs and have a strong sense of belonging. 

They form strong bonds with dogs, as well as with humans. Bo-Jacks are also not impulsive and collaborate well with other dogs in collaborative tasks.

Do Bojack Terriers Have a Predisposition for Biting?

Yes, Bojacks have a predisposition for biting. This trait is related to Boston Terriers, who were bred for pit fights. The Bojack’s bite is strong, which is why this behavior should be discouraged from puppyhood.

Boston Terriers’ bite force is 269 PSI, while Jack Russell Terriers’ bite force measured around 225 PSI. 

Bojacks’ bite ranges between these two. 

Do Bojack Terriers Have a Predisposition for Biting
Image Source

Boston Terrier Jack Russell Mix Health Problems

Boston Terriers Jack Russell mix dogs have a predisposition for 4 major health issues:

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Deafness
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Cherry Eye 

The major health issues Bojacks are prone to are listed in the following table.

Health conditionDescription
Brachycephalic SyndromeThis condition affects Bo-Jacks that resemble Boston Terriers in terms of skull shape. Their noses and upper jaws are shortened. Their anatomy abnormalities also include enlarged tonsils.[10]
DeafnessThis issue is common to both Bojack’s parent breeds[11]. Its symptoms onset at birth. Bojacks who are born deaf are sometimes fully white.[12] 
Patellar LuxationBojacks with this health issue have one or more knee caps that move out of their normal place. Patellar luxation[13] leads to more health issues that can be prevented by an early diagnosis.
Cherry EyeThis health issue consists of the inflammation of a Bojack’s third eyelid. It can cause low pain and itchiness. 

While Bojacks can suffer from major health conditions, they are also prone to minor issues that don’t impair their vital functions. Still, these conditions can decrease a dog’s well-being. 

Bojacks’ minor health conditions are:

  • Skin infections
  • Eye conditions
  • Allergies
  • Heat stroke

How Much Do Bo-Jack Puppies Cost?

Bo-Jack puppies cost between $300 and $700. Even though Boston Terriers and Jack Russells are more expensive, the Bo-Jack is not a pure breed, which is why they are cheaper.

When buying a Bojack, make sure the breeder uses purebred parents. If they don’t, the features of a fully grown Boston terrier Jack Russell mix can vary a lot.

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Boston Terrier Jack Russell mixes are affectionate and playful dogs. They enjoy spending time with other dogs and don’t get tired of spending time outdoors. 

They are easily distracted but they can be trained if you are patient. This mix-breed is smart and exhibits a high instinctive intelligence.

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