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Beaver Group Behavior: What Is a Group of Beavers Called?

A group of beavers is called a colony. They can also be called a family if they all live in the same lodge.

Beavers are social rodents found in North America, Europe, and Asia. They often do activities together, such as building and foraging. But why is this?

In this blog post, we will explore what a group of beavers is called and how they operate within their community.

What’s a Group of Beavers Called?

A group of beavers is called a colony. This colony can consist of anywhere from two to eight beavers, with the average being six. The colony will have the adult pair and their offspring.[1]

Beavers live in families, also called colonies.

This colony often consists of a mating pair (the adult male and female), last year’s offspring, and new offspring.

As beavers leave the nest after about two to three years, the old offspring are replaced by new babies.

What’s a Group of Beavers Called

Do Beavers Live in Groups?

Yes, beavers do live in groups. As mentioned, these groups are called colonies and consist of two to eight beavers. The colony consists of one mating pair and several offspring.

Beavers live and build together in groups. They also help each other protect their territory.

Beavers are territorial creatures and will mark their territory with urine and anal secretions, as well as by chewing on trees. 

This helps to keep other beavers out of their space and protects them from predators.

While beavers do live in groups, they are considered aggressive, especially to other creatures. They are known to be very loyal to their colony and work together to build and maintain their lodge and dam.

Do Beavers Live in Groups
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Where Does A Group of Beavers Live?

Beaver colonies live together in a lodge. This lodge is built by the adult beavers before giving birth to their first offspring. Each year, they will expand their lodge with the help of their offspring, when they are old enough.

Beavers live in small family groups made up of a breeding pair and their young. The adults build the dam and lodge before having their first litter.

At first, the baby beavers spend the majority of their time in the lodge. They also spend some time in the water, as they can swim from a young age.

As the baby beavers grow old enough, they help their parents reinforce the lodge, gather food, and expand the dam.

Beavers usually live in areas with access to fresh water, such as streams, rivers, and lakes[2]. They use their sharp teeth to fell trees and then strip the bark off of the wood to use in building their dams and lodges.

Beavers are nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active at night. During the day, they rest inside their lodges or in burrows that they have dug out beneath the water. Beavers are excellent swimmers and can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes at a time. They use their tails as paddles to help them swim.

Where Does A Group of Beavers Live
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How Many Beavers Live in a Group?

Beavers are social creatures and live in family groups. The average group size is around five to six, but groups of up to 12 have been observed. 

The beaver family group typically consists of a breeding pair and their offspring from one to three years old. Once the young beavers reach adulthood, they will leave the family group to start their own.

Beavers are monogamous and mate for life. The breeding season occurs from late December to early January. 

Gestation takes about 105 days, and Litters of two to four kits are born in April or May. 

Kits are weaned at around three months old but stay with their parents until they reach adulthood at around two years old.

Do Beavers Forage in Groups?

It is thought that beavers use their strong sense of smell to locate food sources, and then communicate this information to other members of the colony. By working together, the beavers are able to make the most of their available resources.

Do Beavers Live With Their Mate?

Yes, beavers live with their mate. Beavers are one of the few animals that mate for life. Once they find a mate, they stay together until one of them dies. They build their homes, or lodges, together and work together to raise their young. 

When beavers reach two to three years old, they set out on their own. They look for a mate, and when they are successful, they settle down.

They will build a dam and lodge together and start mating.

Beavers also share food and care for each other when one is sick or injured.

Once they find a mate, they stay together until one of them dies[3]

Do Beavers Live With Their Mate

Beaver’s Social Behavior

Beavers are social animals. They live, build, and forage together. They make use of vocal and scent communication to pass information between each other.

Beavers are very vocal animals, using over 20 different sounds to communicate with each other. These sounds include grunts, growls, chirps, clicks, and whimpers.

Beavers use scent to communicate as well. They have glands near their anus that produce a strong-smelling substance that they use to mark their territory. They rub their bodies on trees or rocks to leave their scent behind.

They also forage together. As they don’t hibernate, they help each other stock up on food for the cold months. 


Beaver colonies are fascinating and complex social groups. They don’t have a dominance hierarchy, as one colony consists of an adult pair and their offspring. They protect each other and everyone helps out with building and foraging.

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