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Tibetan Mastiff Bite Force: How Strong Are They?

The maximum bite force of a Tibetan Mastiff is 552 PSI. With this strength, they can kill a human, other dogs, and some wild animals. The bite pressure of a Tibetan Mastiff depends on the context where it’s exercised. They bite harder when threatened.

Tibetan Mastiffs are a strong, large breed. Their bite pressure classifies them as one of the strongest breeds on Earth. 

They also have massive and muscular bodies. This makes them perfect for working as guard dogs.

The bite of a Tibetan Mastiff can cause deadly wounds to its victim. Depending on the situation, this breed can exercise various levels of bites. They are not dangerous unless provoked.

In this article, we’ll cover all there is to know about the strength of a Tibetan Mastiff. We’ll also discuss its biting habits and potential consequences.

Tibetan Mastiff Bite Force PSI

Tibetan Mastiffs have a bite force of 500-560 pounds of pressure per square inch. This makes them one of the strongest dog breeds on Earth. Their PSI bite force represents more than an average dog bite.

Tibetan Mastiffs have impressive power. When provoked, they can apply up to 552 pounds of pressure on their opponent. 

This bite force was a useful trait when they were used to protect tribes and flocks from dangerous animals.

Their PSI force is also deadly for humans or smaller dog breeds. To avoid any incidences, Tibetan Mastiffs should be trained properly.

Tibetan Mastiff Bite Force
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Why Do Tibetan Mastiffs Bite?

Tibetan Mastiffs bite when they feel threatened or if their family is in danger. They are a protective breed that does anything to keep their owner safe. Tibetan Mastiffs also tend to bite strangers, if they aren’t trained properly.

Tibetan Mastiffs are usually calm and steady. Their temper changes in different social situations. 

There are generally three reasons why Tibetan Mastiffs bite:

  1. Aggression
  2. Protectiveness
  3. Boredom

1. Aggression

Tibetan Mastiff Aggression
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Tibetan Mastiffs are stubborn dogs that tend to bite when provoked. They need lots of coaching and exercise to behave appropriately. If they’re not trained well, they can bite strangers or other dogs. 

They will also bite its owner if they’re abusive or violent. Because of this, Tibetan Mastiffs are not suitable for inexperienced or toxic owners.

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2. Protectiveness

Tibetan Mastiffs are protective of their family. When they receive love and respect from their owners, they will forever be loyal and protective. They also have a territorial temperament. 

Because of this, they make the perfect guard dog. Tibetan Mastiffs will bite anyone that puts its owner at risk.

3. Boredom

Tibetan Mastiff Boredom
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Another reason why Tibetan Mastiffs bite is boredom. They are smart dogs and need lots of mental stimulation. If they aren’t exercised, they will start biting and chewing every item in your house.

Complex games and exercises that challenge their intelligence keep them busy. This way, they won’t start destroying your home.

How Strong Are Tibetan Mastiffs?

Tibetan Mastiffs are strong enough to kill humans and other dogs. Their bite strength depends on the situation. When triggered, they can cause serious harm to their victim.

With a bite strength of over 500 psi, Tibetan Mastiffs can cause a lot of damage to their victims. A Tibetan Mastiff’s bite can reach all six levels of a canine bite.[1]

Level 1 (Non-Contact)

On the first level there is no contact between the dog’s teeth and its victim. Air biting is usually used by dogs as a self-defense mechanism. 

They use this gesture to scare their opponent, without getting violent.

Level 2 (Skin Contact)

Skin contact takes place on level two, but without teeth puncture. This is a way to warn someone that they’re willing to fight if needed. 

If this behavior occurs in your Tibetan Mastiff, look for fear triggers.

Level 3 (Puncture)

Level three is represented by one or more bites with shallow skin punctures. From this level on, it is vital to go to a doctor for treatment. 

Multiple bites usually mean that your Tibetan Mastiff isn’t fully conscious of its actions anymore. The less time between bites, the more dangerous it is.

Level 4 (Deep Wounds)

A level four bite is a single but deep wound. It can also be accompanied by slushes and bruising if the dog shook its head while attached.

At this point, your Tibetan Mastiff shouldn’t be let around strangers until coached by a professional. Bites at this level are fatal for children.

Level 5 (Serious Wounds)

Several dangerous bites occur on level five. The nature of the wound on this level is similar to the one in level four, but with multiple bites.

Depending on the number of bites, the victim can end up with serious damage or even lose a limb.

Level 6 (Fatal)

On the last level, the human or animal attacked is killed. The wounds on level six are either deadly or close to it. These kinds of bites are rarely seen exercised by domesticated dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff Bite Strength Comparison

The Tibetan Mastiff’s bite is among the most powerful and dangerous of dog bites. When it comes to PSI, this breed beats Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies. Cane Corsos and Kangals have a more powerful bite strength than Tibetan Mastiffs.

There are many myths and discussions about the strength of a Tibetan Mastiff. 

Some people consider this breed the most powerful one, with the most dangerous bite. Others consider Tibetan Mastiffs weaker than German Shepherds.

Tibetan Mastiff vs Rottweiler Bite Force

Tibetan Mastiff vs Rottweiler Bite Force

Rottweilers are seen as one of the breeds with the most powerful bites. In reality, a Tibetan Mastiff’s bite strength beats a Rottweiler’s with over 200 PSI.

BreedBite force in PSI
Tibetan Mastiff552 PSI
Rottweiler328 PSI

Tibetan Mastiff vs German Shepherd Bite Force

Tibetan Mastiff vs German Shepherd Bite Force

Another misconception is that German Shepherds have a bigger bite force than Tibetan Mastiffs.

The bite strength of a Tibetan Mastiff is almost three times bigger than the one of a German Shepherd.

BreedBite force in PSI
Tibetan Mastiff552 PSI
German Shepherd238 PSI

Tibetan Mastiff vs Siberian Husky Bite Force

Tibetan Mastiff vs Siberian Husky Bite Force

Siberian Huskies have a weaker bite than Tibetan Mastiffs. They also are friendlier with strangers. This makes Tibetan Mastiffs a stronger and more dangerous breed that Siberian Huskies.

BreedBite force in PSI
Tibetan Mastiff552 PSI
Siberian Husky320 PSI

Tibetan Mastiff vs Cane Corso Bite Force

Cane Corsos and Tibetan Mastiffs have the same stubborn temperament. Between the two, the bite of a Tibetan Mastiff is less powerful than the one of a Cane Corso, with more than 140 PSI.

BreedBite force in PSI
Tibetan Mastiff552 PSI
Cane Corso700 PSI[2]

Tibetan Mastiff vs Kangal Bite Force

The Kangal has the strongest bite force of all dog breeds. Because of this, they can easily hurt or even kill a Tibetan Mastiff.

BreedBite force in PSI
Tibetan Mastiff552 PSI
Kangal743 PSI


The bite force of a Tibetan Mastiff exceeds 550 PSI (pound-force per square inch). The amount of force exercised depends on factors such as aggressiveness or boredom. It also relies on the material bitten by the Tibetan Mastiff.

With proper training, Tibetan Mastiffs won’t become dangerous unless they are in a life or death situation. This breed can easily kill its opponent because of its bite strength.


Is The  Tibetan Mastiff the Strongest Dog in the World?

The Tibetan Mastiff isn’t the strongest dog in the world. English Mastiffs are stronger than a Tibetan Mastiff. While the two breeds have the same bite force, an English Mastiff is larger.

How Is the Bite Force of a Tibetan Mastiff Measured?

The bite force of a Tibetan Mastiff is measured with a special tool. It can also be determined by the size and shape of the dog’s skull.[3]

Why Do Tibetan Mastiff Puppies Bite?

Biting in Tibetan Mastiff puppies is caused by boredom, teething, or playfulness. Biting on a Tibetan Mastiff puppy is also a sign of future aggressiveness. Get your dog chewable toys and always keep it busy with games and regular exercising. It is important not to let your dog bite you, no matter its age. While for you it will feel like a game, you are encouraging inappropriate behavior in your dog. 

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