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Are Tibetan Mastiffs Aggressive? Are They Dangerous?

Tibetan Mastiffs are not aggressive, but they can be in certain situations. They are protective, and even well-trained Tibetan Mastiffs do turn aggressive when their family is in danger. Lack of socialization also leads to aggressiveness.

There are many misconceptions about Tibetan Mastiffs. Because of their thick coat and large size, Tibetan Mastiffs have a scary appearance. 

Different stories around the world describe this breed as dangerous and aggressive. In reality, they are caring and affectionate dogs. They are willing to do everything to protect their families.

But what triggers aggressive behavior in Tibetan Mastiffs? How dangerous can they be?

In this article, we’ll provide answers to these questions and more details about the temperament of Tibetan Mastiffs.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Aggressive?

Tibetan Mastiffs are not aggressive unless threatened. They are intelligent dogs with protective personalities. With proper training, Tibetan Mastiffs won’t be aggressive towards strangers. Because of its kindness, this breed is perfect for families.

You don’t have to worry about your Tibetan Mastiff attacking you. They don’t harm their family. Train your dog with patience and sturdiness, and it will protect you forever.[1]

Tibetan Mastiffs sometimes tend to get over-protective. Prevent this with training and socialization. 

Socialization plays a big part in their lives. Tibetan Mastiffs used to meet new people have lower chances of becoming territorial and aggressive.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs dangerous

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Dangerous?

Tibetan Mastiffs aren’t dangerous. People get this incorrect impression because of the breed’s appearance. With their impressive size, muscular bodies, and long coats, Tibetan Mastiffs look intimidating.

Tibetan Mastiffs don’t randomly attack people. They also aren’t aggressive with strange dogs. In reality, they are large-sized cuddly dogs, that like to protect their families.[2]

A well-trained Tibetan Mastiff won’t have problems around strangers. But you do have to be careful about how you behave around this breed. 

If you get too close to their owner, they will get defensive.

Why Do People Think Tibetan Mastiffs Are Dangerous?

People think Tibetan Mastiffs are dangerous because of their looks, origins, and history. Fake news and exaggerated stories have also damaged their reputation.

The initial purpose of Tibetan Mastiffs was to guard the Buddhists and Monks from Tibet. They were also used for protecting sheep from wild animals. Over 2000 years ago, they were the perfect guard dogs due to their size and power.

Tibetan Mastiffs are still used for protection to this day. But they don’t have to fight dangerous animals anymore. 

Their purpose is to take care of their families and scare away eventual intruders.

Overemphasized news also fueled the misconception about how dangerous Tibetan Mastiffs truly are. While dramatic headlines are beneficial for advertising, they harm this breed’s reputation.

Tibetan Mastiff sitting

Four Ways to Prevent Your Tibetan Mastiff From Being Aggressive

Prevent aggressiveness in your Tibetan Mastiff by properly training it. Socialize and make sure it exercises regularly. If none of these work, identify what is triggering your dog’s aggressive behavior. 

It is ok if you don’t feel prepared to coach your Tibetan Mastiff on your own. When raising a Tibetan Mastiff, you can always ask for professional help. There are many skilled trainers that can help you train your dog.

If you decide to train your dog on your own, here are a few ways to prevent a Tibetan Mastiff from becoming aggressive:

  1. Training
  2. Socialization
  3. Exercising
  4. Eliminating triggers

1. Training

Training Tibetan Mastiffs
Image Source

Tibetan Mastiffs are intelligent and mulish dogs. If you want to overcome their strong-headed behavior, it is crucial to offer them proper training. 

Teach your Tibetan Mastiff how to act when encountering strangers. Be vigorous during training and reward their good behavior with treats.

In case you don’t have time to properly train your dog, take it to weekly lessons. Training is crucial for this breed. Without it, they can become dangerous and aggressive.

2. Socialization

Tibetan Mastiff Socialization
Image Source

Tibetan Mastiffs must learn to behave around dogs and humans. Socialization plays a huge part in their development. 

Take your Tibetan Mastiff to pet-friendly places and introduce it to different environments from a young age. Expose your Tibetan Mastiff to as many social situations as possible.[3]

Remember that socialization is vital all-throughout your dog’s life. Not only in the puppy stage. 

If your dog is used to meeting new people and animals, it will reduce the chance of becoming dangerous.

3. Exercising

Exercising is vital for Tibetan Mastiffs. Lack of activity leads to built-up energy, which can lead to aggressiveness.

4. Eliminating Triggers

Eliminating Triggers of Tibetan Mastiffs
Image Source

If you did all of the above and your Tibetan Mastiff is still aggressive, it means something is triggering it. Monitor the situations when your dog becomes aggressive. Identify what triggers this behavior.

Avoid those triggers for a while, and train your dog on how to properly behave in these situations.

Is A Tibetan Mastiff Right For You?

This breed isn’t for everyone. Inexperienced owners won’t get along with this breed. This can lead to unpleasant situations for both you and your Tibetan Mastiff. 

If you know how to train Tibetan Mastiffs, this dog will enrichen your life. If not, it’ll make your life much more difficult.

Tibetan Mastiffs are dangerous if they aren’t properly trained. They need an imposing owner that shows them who’s in charge. 

You also need to provide proper living conditions:

  • Lots of space.
  • Plenty of daily physical and mental activity.
  • Socialization with dogs and humans.

When To Seek For Professional Help for Training 

Ask for professional help if you can’t handle your Tibetan Mastiffs aggressiveness. It is better to seek extra support rather than end up with a dangerous or aggressive dog.

Tibetan Mastiffs are difficult to handle. They are strong-headed, smart dogs, that need a lot of exercise and stimulation to behave appropriately. Even experienced dog owners can have a hard time training Tibetan Mastiffs.

If nothing keeps your dog from being aggressive to strangers, ask for help. Look up Mastiff Tibetan coaches and choose the best one for your dog. 

While it is better to teach your dog how to behave from the puppy stage, it is never too late to seek a professional’s aid.


Tibetan Mastiffs are not an aggressive breed. They are intelligent, caring, and protective dogs. If they feel like their family is in danger, they can become aggressive and territorial. With proper training and socialization, Tibetan Mastiffs learn how to behave around strangers.

Don’t be tricked by their large size and intimidating appearance. Tibetan Mastiffs are not dangerous dogs. This breed is the perfect guard for families.


Are Tibetan Mastiffs the Most Dangerous Dogs in the World?

No, Tibetan mastiffs aren’t the most dangerous dogs in the world. They are not dangerous at all unless provoked. Because of their territorial personalities, they tend to become defensive when their owner is at risk. This doesn’t make them more dangerous than any large-sized dog.

What Is the Bite Force of a Tibetan Mastiff?

The bite force of a Tibetan Mastiff is approximately 552 PSI (pounds per square inch). They are strong and muscular dogs that can apply over 550 pounds of pressure when biting. One can lose their limb or even their life if a Tibetan Mastiff bites them.

Should I Let My Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Bite Me?

You shouldn’t allow your Tibetan Mastiff puppy to bite you. The power of a puppy is significantly less than that of a fully-grown dog. But even if it doesn’t hurt, it tells the dog that it’s allowed to bite. Get your puppy some chewing toys and train it to bite those. By doing this you can avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

Can a Tibetan Mastiff Kill a Pitbull?

A Tibetan Mastiff can kill a Pitbull. Despite a Pitbull’s strength, Tibetan Mastiffs are bigger and more powerful. The average Tibetan Mastiff is 24-29 inches at the shoulder and weighs 75-160 pounds. A Pitbull can reach around 18-21 inches and 35-60 pounds. These differences represent a huge advantage for a Tibetan Mastiff during a fight.

Can a Tibetan Mastiff Kill a Caucasian Shepard?

It is not known whether a Tibetan Mastiff can kill a Caucasian Sheperd. The two breeds are on average of the same size. A fight between these dogs will most likely end up in a draw.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Good Family Dogs?

Tibetan Mastiffs make amazing family dogs. Despite their appearance, they are affectionate and protective of their owners.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs  Good With Children?

When it comes to children, it is not recommended to keep your Tibetan Mastiff around babies. If your baby randomly starts crying, it will trigger your dog’s defensive instincts. This breed’s size can also be scary for small kids.

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