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Black Chinchilla: The Darkest Chinchilla Breed

Black chinchillas are one of the most unique chinchilla breeds in the world. They have a soft velvet look and shiny fur, which adds to their beauty. They are rare and expensive.

Chinchillas have recently become widely popular among pet owners.

But which one do you choose?

There are many chinchilla breeds with different coat colors. One of the most unique chinchillas is the black chinchilla.

This article discusses the different types of black chinchillas and their costs to help you make a better decision when choosing a chinchilla breed.

Black Chinchilla: Breed Overview

Black chinchillas are the darkest variety of chinchillas found in the world. They have dark fur and white underbellies, which forms a unique combination of colors.

Size9-14 inch (23-36 centimeter)
Scientific NameChinchilla lanigera
Common NameBlack chinchilla, black velvet chinchilla, ebony chinchilla

Black chinchillas are one of the most unique, and rare, chinchilla breeds in the world. They have completely black fur covering their body and white underbellies. 

Some chinchillas also have black underbellies making them unique in and of themselves.

Black chinchillas are also called ebony chinchillas. They were first developed by the Bowens chinchilla ranch after decades of breeding.

Ed and Marge Bowens started the ranch in 1946 when they purchased their first chinchilla pair for around $3,200[1]. After buying several pairs, they started cross-breeding them.

After years of cross-breeding, a new mutation emerged: the black fur gene. It was first described as extra dark, ebony, and jet black. 

Ebony is a cumulative dominant gene, resulting in two types: homozygotic and heterozygotic:

  • Homozygotic ebony chinchillas are born with two genes for black fur, making them darker than their parents. 
  • Heterozygotic ebony chinchillas have one gene for black fur and one other color, resulting in lighter underbellies and sides due to their mixed lineage.

The term “black chinchilla” is a blanket term that includes several chinchilla types. They are usually found in combination with other chinchilla colors and mutations.

Black Chinchilla Breed Overview
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Varieties of Black Chinchilla

There are many varieties of black chinchillas found in the world. These chins have dark-colored hair with some mutations and differences, depending on the genes they inherit.

Chinchillas occur in nature in a few dominant colors:

  • Beige
  • White
  • Ebony
  • Blue-grey [2]

Genes play a vital role in defining the color of a chinchilla. Black chinchillas can have the same or multiple gene variations and mutations, which lead to a variety of fur colors.

Breeders use different names for black chinchillas and even use these names interchangeably to describe the specific variety. 

Here are the four most common black chinchilla variants:

  • Black velvet
  • Hetero ebony
  • Dark ebony
  • Black and white

Black Velvet Chinchilla

Black Velvet Chinchilla
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The most common black chinchillas are the black velvet chinchilla. They have shiny black fur all over its body except for its sides and stomach. They also have black stripes on their paws. 

They are called black velvet chinchillas because of their silky soft fur, which has a velvety touch to it. This is the most common type of black chinchilla and has become synonymous with black chinchillas in general.

Black velvet chinchillas are also called TOV chinchillas, which stands for “the Touch of Velvet”. 

They are the second most dark variant of back chinchillas after the dark ebony chinchillas.

Hetero Ebony Chinchilla

Hetero Ebony Chinchilla
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Hetero means opposite or different. Hetero ebony chinchillas are called so because their parent breeds are of different colors. 

They usually have a black velvet chinchilla parent and a standard grey chinchilla parent, ending up with a lighter or mixed coat color.

Their fur is slightly different from other black chinchillas. They have black hair with some gray in between. They also have a light grey underbelly and black veiling.

The fur color of a hetero ebony chinchilla has a blueish black tinge.

Dark Ebony Chinchilla

Dark Ebony Chinchilla
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Dark ebony chinchillas are also called homozygotic ebony chinchillas because both of their parents are black chinchilla. These are the darkest mutation of the black chinchilla breed.

Dark ebony chinchillas have extremely dark black hair and black whiskers. Their fur is solid in color and has a shiny look. They are born by crossing two ebony chinchillas.

They have homozygous genes, which help make their ebony color prominent.

Black and White Chinchilla

Black and White Chinchilla

Black and white chinchillas have a color range of white to complete ebony. These chinchillas are also called ebony mosaics and can change their fur color as they grow up. They have dark eyes and light paws.

Black and white chinchillas are the result of a cross between a white and an ebony chinchilla. They are one of the lightest black chinchilla mutations.

Cost of Black Chinchillas

The cost of black chinchillas varies significantly among pet breeders. The average cost of different black chinchilla breeds ranges between $100 to $250.

Chinchillas make excellent pets and are easy to keep. Now that you know a lot about the different black chinchilla breeds, you should be aware of the costs.

You have to make a one-time investment when buying the pet, but after that they’re cheap to keep. 

Different black chinchillas have different prices. The prices also fluctuate depending on the breeder.

Many chinchilla breeders charge extra for unique colors or mutations. The following prices give you an idea of what it costs to buy a chinchilla.

Cost of Black Chinchillas
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Black Velvet Chinchilla Price

The prices of a black velvet chinchilla, depending on its age, are:

  • Adult chinchilla from a breeder: $100-$120
  • Baby chinchilla from a breeder: $200-$250

Dark Ebony Chinchilla Price

The prices of a dark ebony chinchilla, depending on its age, are:

  • Adult chinchilla from a breeder: $100-$120
  • Baby chinchilla from a breeder: $200-$250

Hetero Ebony Chinchilla Price

The prices of a hetero ebony chinchilla, depending on its age, are:

  • Adult chinchilla from a breeder: $100-$120
  • Baby chinchilla from a breeder: $200-$250

Black and White Chinchilla Price

The prices of a black and white chinchilla, depending on its age, are:

  • Adult chinchilla from a breeder: $100-$120
  • Baby chinchilla from a breeder: $200-$250

Best Black Chinchilla Names

Naming chinchillas is an interesting task. Finding the proper name is fun when you are trying to match the name to your chinchilla’s coat color. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Most pet owner names their pets uniquely based on their personalities and characteristics. 

Here are some popular names for black chinchillas:

  • Nightfall: goes well with their black fur
  • Shadow: complements their appearance and gives it an edgy look
  • Night sky: this is a great name if you have a black chinchilla that has white spots or patches on its skin to make it look like a night sky with stars.
  • Oreo: can be a great name if you have a black and white chinchilla
  • Nightshade: though it is a pinkish white poisonous flower, the name itself relates to the black fur
  • Ninja: black chinchillas can be named such as it is fitting
  • Chocolate: may be given to chinchillas with a brown aura in their fur

There are countless names you can give your black chinchilla. Remember, it’s not mandatory to name your chin after its coat color.


Black chinchillas are famous for their dark fur, which has a velvet touch to them. They occur in several coat colors across various breeders.

Black velvet chinchillas are the most common black chinchilla breed found in the world. They are unique and beautiful pets that love companionship and interactions.

At the end of the day, the coat color of a chinchilla does not affect its personality. You can choose whatever chinchilla color you like, which is available at your breeder. Take proper care of your chin to ensure it lives long and well.


How Much Does a Black Chinchilla Cost?

Black chinchillas cost anywhere from $100 to about $250, depending on their breed and age. Adult chinchillas are less expensive than baby chinchillas. Some black chinchillas can cost even higher than $250 based on their unique fur color.

Where Did the Ebony Chinchilla Come From?

The ebony chinchilla was developed by Bowens Chinchilla Ranch in the United States. The breeding of chinchillas started in 1946 by Ed and Marge Bowens. After decades of cross-breeding various chinchillas, an ebony mutation was born. It was described as dark ebony or brownish-black. Ebony is a dominant gene, and the color gets darker with every homozygous ebony generation. 

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