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Ocelot Habitat: Where Do Ocelots Live? (Their Natural Range)

Ocelots live in tropical, subtropical, and semi-arid areas. They are native to the Americas and they aren’t found anywhere else. Ocelots live alone and only meet for mating. 

Twice as big as housecats, ocelots are sleek predators roaming the wilderness. They are elegant and crafty hunters and often pique the interest of nature enthusiasts.

But where do ocelots live? Why do they live there? And how do ocelots live?

This article aims to provide answers to all questions about ocelots’ habitat and explain where ocelots live.

Ocelots’ Natural Habitat

Ocelots live in tropical and subtropical rainforests, but they are also found in semi-arid brushlands. Their habitat ranges from South America to the southern states of the US (Texas and Arizona).

Ocelots are adaptive animals. They like to live in places with dense vegetation and water source.

They inhabit many different places that vary in climate and terrain. Ocelots will live in environments where they can hunt for their preferred prey.

Ocelots' Natural Habitat
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Ocelots live in the following climates:

  • Tropical
  • Subtropical
  • Semi-arid

Ocelots’ habitat also varies by biome. They live in the Americas, which offers a diverse landscape.[1]

Ocelots live in the following biomes:

  • Rainforests
  • Brushlands
  • Thorn forests
  • Mangrove forests
  • Coastal marshes

Do Ocelots Live In Rainforests?

Yes, ocelots live in rainforests. These environments are in South America. Ocelots prefer rainforests as there is plenty of prey.[2]

Animals ocelots hunt in rainforests include:

  • Rodents
  • Monkeys
  • Birds
  • Marsupials
  • Fishes

Do Ocelots Live In Brushlands?

Do Ocelots Live In Brushlands
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Yes, ocelots live in brushlands. These biomes can be found in dry climates, like Mexico or the southern USA. Ocelots like this habitat as well, as it provides them with the conditions they need to live.

Conditions ocelots need:

  1. Hiding and breeding space
  2. Hunting territory
  3. Plenty of prey

Do Ocelots Live In Deserts?

Ocelots don’t live in deserts. There is not enough space to hide or prey to hunt. They can live in less arid places, like grasslands, but deserts are not suitable.

Do Ocelots Live In Marshes?

Do Ocelots Live In Marshes

Yes, ocelots live in marshes. They are ambush predators, so the tall grass provides good hiding spaces during hunting trips. There is also plenty of prey for ocelots to hunt.[3]

Ocelots hunt the following animals in marshes:

  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Birds
  • Fishes
  • Small mammals

Do Ocelots Live In Mountains?

Ocelots usually don’t live in mountains. They can inhabit mountainous areas if there is enough vegetation, but rocky mountains are not preferred. They provide little hiding and den space. There are also too few animals for ocelots to hunt.

Ocelots’ Nesting Habits

Ocelot nests are called dens. These dens are usually in dense vegetation. They provide a safe place for ocelots to care for their babies until they are old enough to live on their own.

Ocelots are solitary animals. They don’t group up, and male and female ocelots only meet for reproduction purposes.

The offspring of the ocelot is called a kitten, and a group of kittens is called a litter. Female ocelots take care of their kittens until they grow up to become independent.

Ocelots’ Nesting Habits
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Where Do Ocelots Build Dens?

Ocelots have territories that they prowl each day, but they don’t have a home they return to. They only build dens when they produce offspring.

Female ocelots have a territory of 9 mi2 (23 km2). They find a space of large vegetation in this area, usually brushes or big grass, to safely hide their kittens.[4]

How Do Ocelots Build Dens?

Ocelots don’t build dens. Their dens consist of safe hiding places in the wild, which are often under bushes and thorns.

Ocelots make their dens more comfortable and safer by gathering additional cover, but it is not a priority of theirs.

What Does an Ocelot Den Look Like?

Ocelot dens are often located in thick greenery. It’s usually so thick that the only way to get in and out is by crawling. Dens are well hidden and blend in perfectly with their surroundings.[5]

How Long Do Ocelot Kittens Live With Their Mother?

Ocelots live within their mother’s territory for up to 24 months. When kittens are 6 months old, they begin hunting with their mother, but they can dwell in their mother’s territory for up to two years. 

Ocelots usually give birth to 1-4 kittens at once.

How Long Do Ocelot Kittens Live With Their Mother
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Where Do Ocelots Live in the World?

Ocelots inhabit South America, Central America, and the southern states of the US.

Ocelots’ habitats are more often found in southern places, but they can be found in smaller numbers in northern territories as well.

Ocelots can’t be found outside the wild in the Americas. 

They are in almost every country in the continental Americas, but they are more common in South America than North America.

South AmericaColombia, Venezuela, Suriname, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia
Central AmericaPanama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Mexico
USATexas, Arizona

Where Do Ocelots Live in South America?

Ocelots in South America live in rainforests. This biome can be found in the countries of South America and provides great living space for the ocelot. There are lots of prey and hiding spaces to make dens there.

Most ocelots live in regions with dense vegetation, like the Amazon rainforest.

The only country in South America where ocelots can’t be found is Chile. Chile doesn’t have the biomes and wildlife necessary for ocelots to live there.

Where Do Ocelots Live in Central America?

Ocelots live in every country in Central America. There are not as many heavily forested areas, so they live in places with a lot of bushes or scrubs. They also stick to coastal areas, especially in Mexico.

Where Do Ocelots Live in Central America
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Where Do Ocelots Live In The USA?

Ocelots in the USA Live in Texas and Arizona. These states provide the best climate and vegetation for the ocelot. There’s also a lot of prey that can be found there.

The brushlands, the natural habitat of the ocelot in the USA are being reduced. Because of this, there are fewer ocelots there now.

Is Ocelots’ Habitat Threatened?

The habitat of ocelots is threatened due to human activities. These include heavy urbanization and deforestation. Ocelots were once hunted for their fur as well.

Right now, ocelots are classified as “least concern” on the IUCN Red List. But habitat loss is still a threat for ocelots. 

Heavy deforestation in the Amazon and agricultural advancements in places like Texas have chipped away at the ocelot’s natural territory.

The following ocelot habitats are threatened:

  • Rainforests
  • Brushlands
  • Marshes

Other threats are also present for ocelots. These are mostly predators stronger than the ocelot. Some animals also eat baby ocelots, further reducing the population.

The following predators eat ocelots:

  • Feral dogs
  • Feral swine
  • Bobcats
  • Mountain lions[6]
  • Raptors
  • Coyotes


The ocelot’s habitat includes rainforests, brushlands, coastal marshes, mangroves, and thorn forests. Ocelots live in places with enough prey and dense vegetation.

They are found in South- and Central America and the US states of Texas and Arizona. These adaptive predators roam the vast wilderness in many various climates and terrains


Do Ocelots Live in Europe?

No, ocelots don’t live in Europe. They are native only to the continental Americas, and they prefer tropical, subtropical, and semi-arid climates. Europe’s Mediterranean and temperate climates are not suitable for the ocelot.

Do Ocelots Live in Asia?

No, ocelots don’t live in Asia. Wild ocelots are only found in the Americas. There are climates and biomes in Asia that ocelots can live in, but they can’t physically travel there because of the ocean

Do Ocelots Live in Africa?

No, ocelots don’t live in Africa. It’s too arid for them and they can’t get there, since there is an ocean separating their natural habitat and Africa. There are preferable biomes in Africa, but you will not find ocelots there.

Do Ocelots Live in Australia?

No, ocelots don’t live in Australia. Australia is too remote from their habitat for ocelots to get there, and there isn’t much land to roam that suits them.

Do Ocelots Live Near Cities?

Yes, ocelots can live near cities. It is not preferable to ocelots, but they are capable of adapting to living near humans. Ocelots always prefer the wilderness to cities, and it is rare to find them near cities.

Can Ocelots Live in House?

Ocelots don’t like living in houses. In the wild, they cover vast distances. A house is too confined for the ocelot, and their natural instincts make them very destructive and aggressive.

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