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Tibetan Mastiff Size & Growth Chart: How Big Do They Get?

Tibetan Mastiffs are muscular, massive dogs, with an intimidating size. They are considered to be the strongest dogs in this world. Tibetan Mastiffs are vigilant and great at protecting their house or owner.

Some people consider Tibetan Mastiffs to be the largest and scariest breed on the planet. 

In reality, they are not terrifying. And, they are not the largest.

But how big are Tibetan Mastiffs really? And how do they compare to humans and other animals?

Tibetan Mastiff Size

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the biggest dogs on the planet. On average, a fully grown Tibetan Mastiff reaches around 24-29″ height and can weigh from 70 to 160 pounds.

The growth process of Tibetan Mastiffs is slow and steady. A Tibetan Mastiff in its final size is enormous, resembling that of lions or bears.

Their size depends on gender and age. These elements lead to differences in both height and weight.

Tibetan Mastiff Size & Growth Chart

There are a couple of estimates and averages that show how much a Tibetan Mastiff puppy should weigh at different stages. If the size of your dog is significantly different from these numbers, consult a specialist.

AgeMale WeightMale HeightFemale WeightFemale Height
1 month5-10 lbs9-11 inches5 – 10 lbs9-10 inches
2 months15-30 lbs12-14 inches10 – 25 lbs11-13 inches
3 months30-45 lbs15-19 inches25 – 40 lbs14-18 inches
4 months45-65 lbs16-19 inches30 – 45 lbs15-18 inches
5 months50-75 lbs20-23 inches35 – 60 lbs19-22 inches
6 months55-85 lbs21-24 inches40 – 60 lbs20-23 inches
7 months60-90 lbs24-26 inches45 – 65 lbs23-25 inches
9 months70-105 lbs25-27 inches55 – 80 lbs24-26 inches
12 months80-135 lbs27-29 inches60 – 110 lbs26-27 inches

Tibetan Mastiff’s Average Height Based on Gender (Full Grown)

The height difference between male and female Tibetan Mastiffs[1] isn’t significant.

MetricsMale HeightFemale Height
Inch25-29 inches24-27 inches
Centimeters66-76 cm61-71 cm

Tibetan Mastiff’s Average Weight Based on Gender (Full Grown)

When it comes to weight, there is a big contrast between male and female Tibetan Mastiffs:

MetricsMale WeightFemale Weight
Pounds90-150 lbs70-120 lbs
Kilograms40-68 kg31-54 kg

How Tall Is a Tibetan Mastiff on Its Hind Legs?

Tibetan Mastiffs are 35.5”-44.5” long (90-130 cm). When standing on their hind legs, they can reach more than five feet. They can get almost as tall as humans. Some Tibetan Mastiffs are even bigger than humans when standing on two legs.  

When Are Tibetan Mastiffs Fully Grown?

Tibetan Mastiffs are fully grown when they are 18 to 24 months old. Some continue to grow until they are five years old. Male Tibetan Mastiffs reach maturity slower than the females of the same breed.

The growth pattern of a Tibetan Mastiff is a complicated subject. People who aren’t familiar with the breed often expect their puppy to significantly increase in size in a short amount of time. Tibetan Mastiffs grow at a slower pace compared to the average growth rate of dogs.[2]

If your puppy isn’t as big as you expected it to be, you can consult a vet and ask for advice. Do not forget that Tibetan Mastiffs are a slow-maturing breed.

When Are Tibetan Mastiffs Fully Grown
Image Source

How to Predict My Tibetan Mastiff Puppy’s Size at Maturity?

There are three ways to predict the fully grown size of a Tibetan Mastiff at maturity:

  1. Age
  2. Genetics
  3. Paw size

You cannot predict exactly how much your dog’s size will increase in time. Remember that every dog is unique and it grows at its own pace.

1. Age

Tibetan Mastiff Puppy

Your dog’s age is the most important indicator of how much its size will increase. If your Tibetan Mastiff is less than 18 months, it is still growing. The process will slow down from the 18th to the 24th month. Any significant change during this period is mostly muscle.

2. Genetics

Another aspect that helps predict your Tibetan Mastiff’s size is its genetics. Depending on how big its parents are, you can approximate your puppy’s growth. If possible, find out this information. Ask a specialist about how large they think your dog will get based on genetics.

3. Paw Size

Tibetan Mastiffs Paw Size
Image Source

When a puppy is still growing, its paws look bigger compared to the rest of its body. Check your Tibetan Mastiff’s paws and see whether there is a significant size difference. If so, they’re still growing.

Tibetan Mastiff Species

According to breeders, there are two kinds of Tibetan Mastiffs. One is the Lion Head Mastiff, also called the Tsang-khyi. The other is Tiger Head Mastiffs, the Do-khyi. Between the two, Tiger Heads are larger.

Lion Head Mastiffs have more than 5 cm long hair on their head, ears, and neck. The Tiger Mastiffs usually have no mane or very short hair.

The two species also differ in hair color and the shape of their faces.

Is the Tibetan Mastiff the Biggest Dog in the World?

The Tibetan Mastiff is not the biggest dog in the world. Despite their outrageous size, there is a breed even bigger. The English Mastiff is bigger than the Tibetan Mastiff.

Tibetan Mastiffs are well known for their large height and weight. Even though they reach up to 160 pounds, English Mastiffs are larger. They range from 27 to 35  inches in height and weigh between 200-230 pounds.

The term “biggest” can be misleading though. It can refer to height, weight, or overall size. Check all information when researching dogs.

Largest Tibetan Mastiff in the World

The biggest Tibetan Mastiff in the world is called Yushu. The dog lives in Tibet and weighs up to 250 pounds. Its incredible size compares to a spectacle bear or a striped dolphin.

Tibetan Mastiffs are some of the largest dogs on Earth. They can reach incredible sizes, like Yushu.

Largest Tibetan Mastiff in the World
Image Source

Tibetan Mastiff Size Comparison

Thanks to its impressive size, the Tibetan Mastiff is constantly compared to other animals, such as bears, wolves, and lions. People also compare them to other dog breeds, like Newfoundlands and Caucasian Shepards.

As a large and powerful breed, Tibetan Mastiffs are used for protection. To assure your family’s safety, it is useful to know how big Tibetan Mastiffs are in comparison with other animals.

Tibetan Mastiff vs Bear Size Comparison

Tibetan Mastiffs are also known as “Bear Dogs” because of their behavior. They are stubborn creatures who do not like being told what to do. This is why Tibetan Mastiffs need a firm trainer. 

When it comes to size, bears are remarkably bigger than Tibetan Mastiffs. 

DimensionsBearTibetan Mastiff
Height27-59 inches 25-29 inches
Weight175-800 lbs90-150 lbs

Tibetan Mastiff vs Wolf Size Comparison

What size is a Tibetan Mastiff compared to a wolf, and who would win the fight?  

Because of its size, a Tibetan Mastiff can survive a confrontation with a wolf, but it won’t win the fight. Wolves, while smaller in size, have better fighting capabilities.

DimensionsWolfTibetan Mastiff
Height26-32 inches25-29 inches
Weight70-145 lbs90-150 lbs

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Great Plains Wolf

Tibetan Mastiff vs Lion Size Comparison

Tibetan Mastiffs are often compared to lions because of their long hair. When it comes to size and strength, the difference is obvious. A lion will win in a fight against a Tibetan Mastiff.

DimensionsLionTibetan Mastiff
Height44-50 inches25-29 inches
Weight270-420 lbs90-150 lbs

Tibetan Mastiff vs Human Size Comparison

Tibetan mastiffs are smaller than the average human. They also weigh slightly less than the average female and much less than the average male. They can get almost as tall as humans when standing on their hind legs.

DimensionsHumanTibetan Mastiff
Height5 feet 9 inches25-29 inches
Weight130-160 lbs90-150 lbs
Tibetan Mastiff vs Human Size Comparison
Image Source

Tibetan Mastiff vs Newfoundlands Size Comparison

Newfoundlands weigh more than Tibetan Mastiffs, but they are around the same height.

Some previous experience with dogs is needed for both Newfoundlands and Tibetan Mastiffs. Newfoundlands do have a higher maintenance level though.

DimensionsNewfoundlandsTibetan Mastiff
Height25-29 inches25-29 inches
Weight143–176 lbs90-150 lbs

Tibetan Mastiff vs Caucasian Shepards Size Comparison

Tibetan Mastiffs and Caucasian Shepards are very similar breeds. There’s only a slight difference when it comes to height. As for weight, Caucasian Shepards can be around 20 kg heavier than Tibetan Mastiffs.

DimensionsCaucasian ShepardsTibetan Mastiff
Height23-30 inches25-29 inches
Weight100-200 lbs90-150 lbs

Tibetan Mastiff vs Siberian Husky Size Comparison

While both Tibetan Mastiffs and Siberian Huskies are among the strongest breeds in the world, they are nothing alike. A Tibetan Mastiff is bigger than a Siberian Husky. The weight difference between the two is around 45-90 lbs. Tibetan Mastiffs are also taller than Siberian Husky by up to 6 inches.

DimensionsHuskyTibetan Mastiff
Height21-23 inches25-29 inches
Weight45-60 lbs90-150 lbs
Husky dog portrait

Tibetan Mastiff vs Saint Bernard Size Comparison

Saint Bernards are significantly larger than Tibetan Mastiffs. While the latter is considered to be a large breed, Saint Bernards are classified as giant dogs.

DimensionsSaint BernardTibetan Mastiff
Height28-30 inches25-29 inches
Weight140-180 lbs90-150 lbs

Tibetan Mastiff vs Kangal Size Comparison

If you are looking for a strong and protective dog, both Tibetan Mastiffs and Kangals are great choices. Due to their size, Kangals are not apartment-friendly dogs. While Tibetan Mastiffs can live in smaller spaces if trained properly, for Kangals it is impossible.

Kangals are taller than Tibetan Mastiffs, but they can reach the same weight.

DimensionsKangalTibetan Mastiff
Height28-34 inches25-29 inches
Weight90-150 lbs90-150 lbs


A Tibetan Mastiff’s average height is 24-26 inches and it can weigh from 70 to 160 pounds. Some Tibetan Mastiffs can grow up to 29 inches. They are known for their enormous size and strength. This breed is one of the biggest in the world. 

Tibetan Mastiffs are caring dogs, perfect for people who want both a furry friend and a trustworthy guardian.

If you are looking for a large-sized dog breed, a Tibetan Mastiff is ideal for you.

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