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Yorkie Growth Chart: Weight, Height, Developmental Stages & More

Yorkshire Terriers are among the smallest dog breeds in the world. A full-grown Yorkshire Terrier measures between 7 and 8 inches (18 and 20 centimeters) at shoulder length. They weigh around 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms) and have a neck size between 2 and 12 inches (15 and 30 kilograms). 

Most people want a small dog. Either because they are easier to handle, or because they find them cute.

This makes the Yorkie perfect. But how big do they get with age and how fast do they grow?

This article explores the size of Yorkshire Terriers. You will learn how to predict the adult weight of your Yorkie, how they normally grow, and more.

How Big Do Yorkies Get?

Full-grown Yorkies measure between 5 and 8 inches (13 and 20 centimeters) in height and weigh between 2 and 7 pounds (0.9 and 3.2 kilograms). Their neck size ranges between 4 and 12 inches (10 and 30 centimeters).

There are two types of Yorkshire Terriers: standard and teacup. 

Teacup Yorkies are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. 

Female Yorkshires are usually smaller than males. Their height is 1 to 2 inches (2.5 and 5 centimeters) shorter and their weight is 1 to 2 (0.45 and 0.9 kilograms) pounds lighter.

Standard YorkiesTeacup Yorkies
Height7–8 in (18–20 cm)5–7 in (13–18 cm)
Weight7 lbs (3.2 kg)2–4 lbs (0.9–1.8 kg)
Neck size6–12 in (15–30 cm)4–8 in (10–20 cm)
How Big Do Yorkies Get

When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

Yorkshire Terriers stop growing when they are one year old. Their growth slows down at the age of 9 months. At this point, standard Yorkshire Terriers weigh around 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms) and measure between 7 and 8 inches (18–20 centimeters) in height.

Yorkshire Terriers, like other small breeds, fully mature earlier. While some breeds reach their maximum height at 16 to 18 months, Yorkies don’t grow after the age of 12 months.

This table illustrates the growth stages of Yorkshire Terriers.

Growth Stage AgeDescription
Neonatal 0–2 weeks oldYorkie puppies are not able to hear or see. Their teeth are absent and they rely highly on their mother. They need to feel secure despite their increased sleeping rates. During this stage, Yorkies face a high mortality risk due to bacterial infections. 
Transitional 2–4 weeks oldDuring this stage, Yorkie’s eyes and ear canals begin to open. 4 Weeks old Yorkie puppies start to rely on their vision. Yorkies make connections with their siblings and develop a sense of togetherness. They learn to wag their tail and express their emotions.
Socialization 4–12 weeks oldYorkies’ hearing and smelling abilities fully develop. 3 months old Yorkie puppies can stand, play, and run. Socializing Yorkies during this period is essential and a key factor to reduce anxiety and behavior issues in adulthood.
Juvenile 10–16 weeks oldThe teeth of Yorkies fully develop. During the juvenile stage, Yorkies look up to you. This makes this period perfect for training.
Early adolescence4–6 months oldYorkie puppies begin having sexual drive. They form strong bonds with their owners and learn obedience.
Adolescence6 – 12 months oldYorkie puppies reach sexual maturity. They get acquainted with their gender-specific hormonal changes. This is when they exhibit independent behavior.
When Do Yorkies Stop Growing

What influences Yorkie adults’ size?

The factors that affect Yorkie size are genetics, nutrition, exercise, and health issues.


A Yorkie’s size is highly influenced by genetics. 

The best example of how genetics influence size is the teacup Yorkie. They are the result of mixing dwarf Yorkies or mixing a Yorkie with another teacup breed. 


Nutrient deficiencies can lead to hormonal changes that influence Yorkie’s growth. Yorkshires that don’t get enough calcium or other key nutrients can experience low bone density. 


What influences Yorkie adults' size

Well-balanced hormone levels are essential for stable growth. That also means regular exercise is crucial.

Yorkshire Terriers need daily walks to keep a healthy weight. Don’t overdo it as their sugar levels decline quickly. The daily exercise needs of Yorkies is around 30 minutes per day.

Not enough exercise can make your Yorkie overweight. If they weigh more than 7 pounds, make sure to increase their physical activity. 

Health Issues

There are two health issues that influence growth in Yorkies. 

One is acromegaly, a disease that makes Yorkies produce more growth hormones than normal[1]. As a result, they are larger than most Yorkshire Terriers.

The other is Pituitary Dwarfism, in which Yorkies produce fewer growing hormones than they should[2]. Yorkies with dwarfism are smaller than the standard size. 

Growth disorders in Yorkies cause the following symptoms:

  • Joint pain
  • Bowed legs
  • Muscle wasting
  • Difficulty walking
  • Abnormal posture
  • Hip dysplasia

Yorkie Growth Chart

The average weight of standard Yorkshire Terriers is 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms). At birth, Yorkies weigh between 2 and 5 ounces (57 and 142 grams).  3-months-old Yorkies weigh between 22 and 41 ounces (0.6 and 1.2 kilograms) while 6-months-old Yorkies weigh between 33 and 60 ounces (0.9 and 1.7 kilograms).

Yorkshire Terriers experience the fastest growth rate between 8 and 10 months old. Their adult size differs according to their size at birth. 

This applies to puppies born when they are fully developed in the womb, and not premature puppies.

Yorkie Growth Charts

Yorkie Weight Chart

You don’t need a Yorkie weight calculator to determine the future weight of your dog. This Yorkie puppy weight chart helps you predict what Yorkshire Terriers should weigh by age.

Birth3 oz.3.5 oz. 4 oz.4.5 oz.5 oz. 
1-week-old Yorkie55.56.579
2-week-old Yorkie6.5791012
3-week-old Yorkie89111316
4-week-old Yorkie9.511131519
5-week-old Yorkie1113151722
6-week-old Yorkie12.5151719.524
7-week-old Yorkie14.517202326.5
8-week-old Yorkie1619222430
9-week-old Yorkie17.5202326.532
10-week-old Yorkie1922262834
11-week-old Yorkie2024273137
12-week-old Yorkie2227303441
13-week-old Yorkie2429323644
14-week-old Yorkie2630353947
15-week-old Yorkie2832374251
16-week-old Yorkie3034404454
17-week-old Yorkie3136414657
18-week-old Yorkie3337434860
19-week-old Yorkie3439455063
20-week-old Yorkie3541475365
21-week-old Yorkie3642.5485468
22-week-old Yorkie3744505570
23-week-old Yorkie3845515771
24-week-old Yorkie3946535873

The Yorkie Weight Chart Calculator Methods

If you don’t have a table to help you predict the weight of your Yorkie, there are two methods that help you do it. These formulas require you to use the weight of the puppy at 8 weeks, while the other uses their 12-week weight.

The 8-week Method

Note your 8-week-old Yorkie puppy’s weight. Multiply it by three to get the approximate age of your future adult Yorkie.

The 12-week Method

Note your 3 months-old Yorkie’s weight. Multiply it by two to get their weight at maturity.

The Yorkie Weight Chart Calculator Methods

Yorkshire Terrier Size Comparison

Yorkies are one of the smallest breeds on the planet. They are similar in size to Chihuahuas, the smallest dog breed. Compared to the largest dog breed, the English Mastiff, Yorkies are more than 10 times smaller.

This table compares Yorkies’ size to the smallest and largest dog breeds.

BreedHeight in InchesWeight in PoundsHeight in CentimetersWeight in Kilograms
Yorkshire Terrier7–8718–203.2
English Mastiff27–35200–23069–9091–104

Yorkshire Terriers Vs Popular Breeds

This table illustrates Yorkies’ size compared to other popular breeds.

BreedHeight in InchesWeight in poundsHeight in CentimetersWeight in Kilograms
Yorkshire Terrier7–8718–203.2
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel12–1313–1830–336–8
German Shorthaired Pointer21–25 45–7053–63.520–32 
French Bulldog12 16–28 30.5 7–13
West Highland White Terrier10–11 15–20 25–287–9 
Golden Retriever[3]21.5–24 55–75 55–6125–34
Bulldog[4]14 –15 40–50 36–38 18–23
German Shepherd[5]22–26 55–90 56–6625–41
Poodle (Standard)Over 15 40–70 over 3818–32
Labrador Retriever[6]21.5–24.5 55–70 55–6225–32
Beagle13–15 20–30 33–389–14 
Rottweiler22–24 80–13556–63.536–61
Dachshund (Standard)8–9 16–32 20–237–14.5


Yorkies weigh between 3–5 ounces at birth and around 7 pounds when they reach physical maturity. They measure between 7–8 inches (18–20 centimeters) in height when adults. Yorkies’ growth is influenced by genetics, nutrition, exercise, and health issues. This breed is among the smallest in the world, which makes it popular among dog owners. 

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