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Why is My Dog Shivering & Shaking After Grooming?

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Fear and anxiety are two of the biggest causes of shaking in dogs after grooming. Grooming can make your dog nervous. Excessive shaking and head shaking can also be a sign of a medical condition that requires veterinary care.

Grooming is an essential part of a dog’s life. Dog owners must regularly groom their dogs to prevent skin infections and remove trapped dirt. 

There are both harmless and severe reasons why dogs are shaking after a visit to the groomer. Not all of them are related to the grooming itself.

This article discusses the causes of head shaking in dogs post-grooming and lists the steps you can take to stop this behavior.

Is Your Dog Shaking or Shivering After Grooming?

Some dogs experience trauma after grooming. Shaking is a sign of discomfort due to anxiety or fear. Your dog can also be suffering from a disease that should be treated as soon as possible.

Grooming helps keep your dog’s fur clean and prevents matting[1]. All dogs require some form of grooming. Dogs with long coats generally require more frequent grooming sessions than dogs with short coats.

Some dogs feel uneasy after grooming sessions, especially if it is their first time visiting a salon.

Dog Shaking After A Haircut

Anxiety is the leading cause of dogs’ shaking after haircuts. Seeing different dogs and unfamiliar people can make dogs anxious and scared.

On top of that, grooming is not a pleasant experience for most dogs. They can become uncomfortable and restless. Some dogs start shaking due to anxiety after a grooming session.

Calm your dog down to reduce its stress and stop the shaking.

Dog Shaking After A Haircut

Dog Shivering After Being Shaved

Shaving can cause discomfort and shivering for dogs. If your dog is uncomfortable due to the loss of hair on its body, it will start shivering, trembling, and shaking. If you shave your dog during the winter months, it can also shiver due to low temperatures, as a heavy coat keeps dogs warm and protects against cold winds.

Dogs also receive a shower after grooming sessions. Dogs shake their head and body to remove excess water.

If your dog shivers due to having less hair, cover it with a blanker. Observe if the shivering stops. If the shivering continues, your dog is shaking due to other reasons.

5 Reasons Why Dogs Shake After Grooming

Anxiety and fear are some of the most common causes of head shaking after grooming dogs. Your dog can also be shaking due to the presence of other dogs.

It is recommended to take your pooch to a professional groomer on a regular basis. Some dogs love having their hair trimmed, while others have an unpleasant experience.

Here are five reasons why dogs shake their heads after grooming.

1. Anxiety and Fear

Stressed dog

If you are taking your dog to a salon for the first time, it is bound to get nervous. Most dogs are wary of unfamiliar places and can get anxious after reaching there.

Dogs who have had past traumatic experiences after grooming can also experience trembling after visiting a salon. Some dogs become uncomfortable when new people touch them. This can develop anxiety in dogs which makes them shake post grooming.

2. Presence of Other Dogs

Dogs are pack animals and love staying in groups. They are wary of other dogs are do not welcome intruders. 

Your dog can become overwhelmed by the number of different dogs present in the salon, making it upset.

3. Loss of Fur

Loss of Fur

Most dogs love their fur and are uncomfortable with grooming. But, it is necessary to remove the excess hair to keep the skin clean from bacteria.

A dog’s coat helps keep it warm on winter nights and protects it from the cold winds. Loss of fur can cause your dog to shake its head due to low body temperature.

4. Itching and Pain

Itching and Pain after grooming

Grooming sessions are usually not harmful to dogs. Sometimes dogs are unable to remain still, resulting in accidents, cuts, and scrapes. These cuts lead to itching and pain.

If your groomer is unprofessional, a grooming session can result in cuts on your dog’s paws. Some dogs also suffer injuries in their anal area as it is prone to receiving cuts during grooming.

If you notice any of the signs in your dog, your groomer probably messed up, resulting in possible shaking:

  • Scratches
  • Itching
  • Cuts
  • Swelling
  • Redness

5. Medical Conditions

Dog with Medical Issues

It is possible that your dog’s shaking head is unrelated to grooming. 

There are several reasons for head shaking in dogs that don’t involve a haircut:

  • Ear mites [2]
  • Head injuries
  • Allergies
  • Ticks
  • Ear infections

Generalized Tremor syndrome is one of the most common medical conditions that cause shaking[3]. The exact cause of this condition is unknown, but it is likely associated with a disease in the central nervous system.

Other medical conditions can also cause tremors in dogs. Visit a veterinarian for a full checkup of your pooch to identify the cause of the issue.

How to Stop Dogs from Shaking After Grooming

To stop your dog from shaking after a grooming session, you have to identify the cause of the problem. Only then can you take the necessary steps to stop it. Calm down your dog by reassuring it and patting it gently. Stay by your pooch’s side during the grooming session.

Seeing your dog shake its head uncontrollably is frustrating. To help your dog stop shaking, identify the root cause of the problem. Then you can take action.

Here are some of the steps you can take to stop your dog from shaking after grooming:

  • Book a time when the salon is less crowded.
  • Stay by your dog’s side throughout the grooming session.
  • Gently pat and cuddle with your dog to reassure it.
  • Do not shave off all of your dog’s fur unless necessary.
  • Keep your dog warm in during winter by covering it with blankets or moving its bed to a warmer part of the house.
  • Check for any signs of injuries or redness on your dog’s skin.
  • Treat any cuts or scrapes to provide relief to your dog.

Consult a vet if the shaking becomes worse or if you are unable to identify the main cause of the problem.


It is normal for dogs to shake their heads after a grooming session. Grooming is an unpleasant experience for some dogs. Anxiety and fear are the main causes of head shaking in dogs post-grooming.

Look for signs of injuries, discomfort, and anxiety in your pooch to identify the actual reason for head shaking. Treat any medical conditions of your dog by checking in with a veterinarian.


Why is My Dog Shaking After Grooming?

Dogs mainly shake after grooming due to anxiety. Grooming can cause some dogs to develop anxiety due to the presence of other dogs and new people. Calm your dog down by reassuring it and staying close to it during the session.

Why is My Dog Shaking Its Ears After Grooming?

Dogs shake their heads to remove the excess water from their ears. After grooming, some hair follicles get stuck in your dog’s ears and cause a tickling sensation. Your dog can be shaking its ears to remove these hairs and stop the tickling.

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