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Airedale Terrier Size: Weight, Height, and Growth Chart

Fully grown Airedale Terriers are between 20 and 23 inches (51 and 58 centimeters) tall and weigh between 50 and 70 lbs (23 and 32 kilograms). The size of an Airedale differs depending on their age, health, and lifestyle. 

The size of Airedale terriers is highly influenced by their genetic inheritance.

Their nutrient intake, health issues, and physical activity are also factors that influence their size.

This article explores the ideal height and weight of Airedale Terriers of different ages.  You will also learn everything you need to know about their growth stages.

How Big Do Airedale Terriers Get?

Full-grown Airedale Terriers measure between 20–23 inches (51–58 centimeters) in height and 30–34 inches (76–86 centimeters) in length. They weigh between 50–70 pounds (23–32 kilograms) when they are fully developed. 

TraitFull-grown Airedale
Height20 – 23 in (51 – 58 cm)
Length30 – 34 in (76 – 86 cm)
Weight50 – 70 lbs (23 – 32 kg)
How Big Do Airedale Terriers Get

Airedale Terrier’s Size

Airedale Terriers are medium-sized dogs. Large Airedales can pass the 60-pound limit (27 kilograms) for medium breeds.

The breed standard for Airedale Terriers[1] was approved on the 14th of July 1959 by the American Kennel Club. It states that Airedales should measure around 23 inches (58 centimeters) in height at the shoulder.

Females are a bit smaller than males, but both sexes should have a muscular appearance and sturdy bones. 

This table illustrates the difference in height between male and female Airedale Terriers.

SexHeight in InchesHeight in Centimeters
Females21 – 22 in53 – 56 cm
Males20 – 23 in51 – 58 cm

Airedale Terrier Weight

Adult Airedale Terriers weigh between 50 and 70 pounds (23 and 32 kilograms). 

Medium-sized dogs weigh between 20 and 60 pounds. Airedales that weigh between 60 and 70 pounds fit into the large-sized dog category. 

Airedale Terriers weigh an average of 12 ounces (350 grams) at birth. Their mortality risk is higher at birth if they weigh considerably less.[2]

This table illustrates the weight of Airedale Terriers in different growth periods.

Airedale Terrier Age Average Weight in PoundsAverage Weight in Kilograms
1 month5 – 10 lbs 2.3 – 4.5 kg 
3 months20 – 30 lbs 9 – 14 kg
6 months30 – 40  lbs 14 – 18 kg
12 months50 – 70 lbs 23 – 32 kg
Airedale Terrier Weight

Factors That Influence Airedale Terriers’ Size

The factors that influence the size of Airedale Terriers are genetics, nutrition, health, and amount of physical exercise.

1. Genetics

Airedale Terriers are medium-sized dogs. This is genetically encoded into their DNA. Airedales are basically unable to grow larger than their breed standard.

The weight of Airedales is also influenced by genes specific to their breed[4]

Airedale Terriers can be smaller than their standard if they suffer from pituitary dwarfism, a rare genetic disease. 

2. Nutrition

Airedale Terrier Food Requirements
Image Source

A nutrient-dense diet is a key factor for the proper development of Airedale Terriers. 

To ensure optimum growth, growing Airedale Terrier puppies should eat between 22 and 32% protein. Variations to these quantities are not recommended.

Minerals are also essential to optimal bone development.

3. Health 

Airedales can suffer from two main growth hormone disorders:

  • Acromegaly: the body produces larger amounts of growth hormones than needed.[5]
  • Congenital GH Deficiency: the body produces too few growth hormones.[6]

Other growth disorders can also influence the size of Airedale Terriers:

  • Abnormal posture
  • Difficulty walking
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle wasting
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Bowed legs

4. Physical Exercise

Airedale Terrier Physical Exercise

Physical exercise has a big impact on Airedale Terriers’ weight. Lack of physical activity causes obesity which then leads to potential hormonal changes that influence the well-being of Airedale Terriers. 

Airedales need about 2 hours of physical exercise per day. This includes walking, running, playing with other dogs, as well as trail training.

When Do Airedale Terriers Stop Growing?

Airedale Terriers stop growing between the age of 12 and 15 months. Their physique continues to develop for about another 7 months but they rarely grow taller. Males take longer to reach their full size than females, as some have growth spurts until they are two years old.

Airedale Terrier Growth Chart

Understanding how Airedales develop during each of their growth stages will help you understand their size at different ages.

They go through six main growth stages:

  • Neonatal stage (between 0 and 2 weeks)
  • Transitional period (between 2 and 4 weeks)
  • Socialization period (between 4 and 12 weeks)
  • Juvenile period (between 10 and 16 weeks)
  • Early adolescence (between 4 and 6 months)
  • Adolescence (between 6 and 12 months)

This table illustrates how Airedale Terriers develop according to age.

Age Description
1 weekAiredale puppies can’t hear or see. They can not manage their temperature and almost always feel uncomfortable.
2 weeksAiredales’ eyes have a 5 to 10% increase in weight. They start to open their eyes.
4 weeksAiredales’ teeth are growing and getting stronger. Their legs are sturdier and they can walk and play. 
5 weeksAiredales start to enjoy running and playing. This is when they learn to bite.
7 weeksAiredales begin to experience fear and need their owner’s protection.
8 weeksAiredales are ready to be adopted and get used to new environments. 
4 monthsAiredales start to look like adults even though they are still puppies. They still need training and can learn new tricks.
5 monthsAiredales chew a lot and are ready to go on brief walks.
7 monthsAiredales have adult teeth and look like adult dogs. 
8 monthsAiredales need more walks and need to practice obedience. This is when they are full of hormones.

Airedale Terrier Size Comparison

Airedale Terriers are the largest Terrier which is why are also called the king of terriers. But, compared to other breeds, Airedales are not the largest. They are medium-sized, in the same size-category as Labrador Retrievers and Pointers.

Airedale Terrier Size Comparison

This table lists the size of Airedale Terriers compared to the most popular breeds in the United States in 2021.[7]

BreedHeight in InWeight in LbsHeight in CmWeight in Kg
Airedale Terriers20 – 23 50 – 7051 – 5823 – 32
Golden Retriever[8]21.5 – 24 55 – 75 55 – 6125 – 34
French Bulldog12 16 – 28 30.5 7 – 13
Rottweiler22 – 24 80 – 13556 – 63.536 –61
German Shepherd[9]22 – 26 55 – 90 56 – 6625 – 41
German Shorthaired Pointer21 – 25 45 – 7053 – 63.520 –32 
Bulldog[10]14 – 15 40 – 50 36 – 38 18 – 23
Beagle13 -15 20 – 30 33 – 389 – 14 
Dachshund (Standard)8 – 9 16 – 32 20 – 237 – 14.5
Labrador Retriever[11]21.5 – 24.5 55 – 70 55 – 6225 – 32
Poodle (Standard)Over 15 40 – 70 over 3818 – 32

This table compares the size of Airedale Terriers to the smallest and largest dog breeds.

BreedHeight in InWeight in LbsHeight in CmWeight in Kg
English Mastiff27 – 35200 – 23069 – 9091 – 104
Airedale Terriers20 – 23 50 – 7051 – 5823 – 32
Chihuahua5 – 83 – 612.7 – 20.31.3 – 3.6

Does Neutering Affect the Size of Airedale Terriers?

No, neutering has insignificant changes in the physical growth of Airedales. These changes are not noticeable and rarely happen.[12]

Neutering is a surgical medical procedure that is also referred to as gonadectomy. This procedure is usually performed before the puppies are adopted or as late as they reach the age of seven weeks old. 

Although the procedure is popular and has been used for a long time, its long-term effects are still being researched. 

Until now, there is no conclusive evidence that neutering Causes Airedale Terriers to be smaller. 


Airedale Terriers’ size varies according to their age. They reach their full maturity between 12 and 15 months. This breed weighs between 50 and 70 lbs (23 and 32 kilograms). It measures between 20 and 23 inches (51 and 58 centimeters) in height. Compared to other breeds, the Airedale Terrier is considered medium-sized. But, they are the largest Terrier breed.


Are There Different Sizes of Airedale Terriers?

No, there are no different sizes of Airedale Terriers. They are all medium-sized dogs, although some grow large enough to technically be categorized as large dogs. There are no toy Airedale terriers or mini Airedale terriers.

Why Is My Airedale Terrier So Big?

Airedale Terriers can grow bigger than their breed standard if one of the parents is not a purebred Airedale. If they eat more than they should, Airedales surpass their weight standard. This also happens if they don’t get enough physical exercise even though they eat according to their age. Airedales who suffer from Acromegaly are considerably larger than the breed standard.

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