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Do Moose Eat Wolves or Is It the Other Way Around?

Moose do not eat or hunt wolves. Moose are herbivores, living off-of plant matter. On the other hand, wolves eat moose. 

Wolves and moose are very different animals. One is a predator, a hunter, and the other is the prey.

All Wolfpack Ranks (Wolf Facts) x
All Wolfpack Ranks (Wolf Facts)

Wolves are carnivores, meaning that they live off of meat from their prey animals. Moose are herbivores, living off of vegetation.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the relationship between wolves and moose.

What Do Moose Eat?

Moose are herbivores, living primarily off of plant matter such as leaves, grasses, and aquatic plants. They do not eat meat or hunt at all. 

moose eating plants in the forest

Moose have a unique way of eating. Because they’re too large to bend down properly, they have to eat plants that are higher up. They prefer to eat leaves and other vegetation found on bushes and trees.

In the wild, moose will eat a variety of plants depending on the season and their location. 

  • In the summertime, they feed on leaves from trees such as birches[1], aspens, and maples.
  • During the fall months, they’ll consume more hardy foods like twigs, branches, cones, and nuts. Moose also enjoy grazing on aquatic vegetation in ponds and streams.

While moose typically don’t eat many fruits, there are some fruits and vegetables that moose do like to eat, such as blueberries, raspberries, and water lilies.

In captivity, moose are typically fed hay, straw, cornstalks, and other types of vegetation.

Do Moose Hunt Wolves?

No, moose do not hunt wolves, as moose are herbivores. However, they can fall prey to wolves.

As stated, moose eat plants. They don’t eat meat, as their stomachs and the digestive system can’t process it correctly.

In contrast, wolves are predators that rely on meat for sustenance. Wolves primarily hunt deer and elk, but will also hunt for other ungulates, like moose, if given the chance. 

moose foraging in the forest

Moose do have defenses against predation, such as their large size and antlers, but a hungry pack of wolves can take down even a healthy adult moose.

They have few natural predators due to their size and strength; however, if a pack of wolves can successfully take down an adult moose, it provides them with a substantial meal.

The bottom line is that moose do not hunt or eat wolves, ad they are neither predators nor carnivores.

Can Moose Kill Wolves?

Yes, a moose can kill a wolf[2]. Moose don’t eat wolves, but they do fight them. They defend themselves against wolf attacks and have been known to injure wolves.

Wolves hunt moose and will kill the ones that they catch. Unfortunately for the wolves, moose are armed with big antlers which can do enough damage to leave a lasting impression on the canine predator. 

While moose prefer to try and escape, it’s very difficult to outrun a pack of wolves. They’re among the best runner in the animal kingdom and can run for hours at a time when jogging.

In a conflict between a single wolf and a single moose, the larger and stronger moose is likely to come out on top, but they have very low chances against a whole pack.

Do Wolves Eat Moose?

Yes, wolves eat moose[3]. They eat almost anything they can find but are particularly fond of ungulates.

Wolves hunt ungulates. They prefer these over smaller animals. Moose is one of the largest prey that wolves hunt, though the largest part of a wolf’s diet comes from deer[4].

Apart from ungulates, wolves also hunt smaller animals, rodents, and even birds at times.

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wolves with their prey

Where Do Moose and Wolves Live?

Moose and wolves both inhabit colder climates and are typically found in forested areas. 

These two animals can be found in many of the same locations. 

Wolves are found in:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa

Moose are found in:

  • North America
  • The Northern European countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway)
  • The Baltics
  • Northern parts of Asia

While they live in many of the same places, they don’t coexist peacefully. Wolves will always be hunting moose, as they provide a good source of food.

The exact number of countries where you can find these two creatures sharing territories varies depending on who you ask. Some say that it is as many as 11 countries, while others claim there are only 5.

What Animals Eat Wolves?

Wolves do not only hunt other animals. They also have a history of being hunted.

Wolves are apex predators, meaning that no other animals are above them in the food chain. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other apex predators around.

Predators see each other as competition, and will often try and take others out. By killing off other predators, they hence minimize competition.

Besides other predators, there are also scavengers. Wolves sometimes scavenge for food, meaning they eat already dead animals. When wolves die, they will be eaten themselves.

Here are two typical animals who may prey on wolves:

  • Bears
  • Tigers

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Bears will occasionally kill wolves[5]. However, the majority of their diet is plant-based. They typically don’t target wolves when looking for food but may take advantage if they see a lone wolf walking by.

Many times bears will even avoid contact with wolves if possible. Both creatures are intelligent, and well-knowing that a fight won’t end well. Hence, they typically keep their distance.

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angry bears


The Siberian tiger, living in Asia, is a frequent predator of the wolf. They are among the largest predators in the world and have to problem taking out a wolf. When these two animals cross paths, they’ll usually fight until one is killed.

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angry tiger


Do moose eat wolves? No, they do not. Moose are herbivores and do not hunt or eat other animals. Wolves, on the other hand, are carnivores and do prey on moose. 

It’s unknown how many moose are killed every year, by wolves.

Moose and wolves both live in many of the same habitats, typically in colder climates. They typically cross paths in the Northern parts of America.

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