EVO Dog Food Review

Food is said to be the fuel that keeps the body working and fully functional. The same applies to Human’s best friend which are the adorable dogs we keep around us. As a dog owner, it’s your sole responsibility to feed your dog with the best kind of dog food available. So the question is, what do you feed your dogs? This might seem rather too simple, but your dog is a perfect replica of what he or she feeds on. Which means if you are hoping to keep that adorable dog of yours in a good shape, you need to get a dog food rich in quantity but also quality.

Have you been looking for that perfect dog food that will make your dog waggle its tail whenever you call for a meal-break? You need to try out EVO Dog food. This dog food is not just an ordinary dog meal, but a meal that perfectly replicates the evolutionary diet of wild dogs. Although it contains a perfect mix of modern-day ingredients with fewer additives. This makes it super healthy and nutritive for your dogs.

EVO dog food was established in the year 2004 and it has since then maintained its superlative dog food ingredients which are derived from the freshest natural ingredients. These ingredients are stated to be of high protein, vitamins, and minerals which are extracted from fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, high quality, and healthy animal proteins. EVO dog foods have the overall nutrients needed for both large-breed dogs and small-breed dogs.

All these are just the tip of the iceberg! Want to learn more about EVO dog foods? Right here, we will be taking you through a detailed review of this superlative dog food, it’s products and their respective features.

A Brief History Of EVO Dog Foods

evo red meat dry dog food

Unlike every other brand, the destination of EVO dog foods has been a long walk to freedom, market prosperity, and breakthroughs. It all started with Natura Pet Products, a food production company owned by Proctor & Gamble which happens to be the initial producers before the company was sold off to Mars, Inc. a big company with several sublet brands in the year 2004. This step paves the way for EVO dog foods and bought it to the big stage.

What Makes EVO Dog Foods Better off?

When asked the distinctive thing about EVO dog food, it is no other than its superlative ingredients. This dog food has high nutrients that are rich in essential nutrients needed by dogs and these materials are denser. This makes your dog consume lesser food daily. Below are the major ingredients that EVO dog food contains that you will find highly beneficial to your dog.

  • Protein & No Grain– Being a dog food that replicates the ancestral eating habits of dogs, EVO dog food has no grain, gluten, and potatoes in its products. More so, there are no artificial agents such as chemical additives, artificial colors, and flavors. This gives your dogs free access to a grain-free meal.
  • High-Quality Protein Content –Just like every other animal, dogs require a meal rich in high-quality proteins. This satisfies these needs without leaving a single area untouched. EVO dog food source its high-quality protein from red meat, fish, and poultry. The best part of it all is that this dog food has no single animal by-products.
  • Low Carbs Diet – Dogs tend to accumulate fat and become obsessed when fed with food rich in high carbs diet. To overcome this, EVO Dog food dietary formula makes use of low-carbs ingredients. This helps dogs to build lean but firm muscles and grits to enhance healthy weight. In addition to that, the formula also makes use of meat oils which gives dogs their healthy and shiny coats.

A Quick Recap Of The Journey So Far

Known for its nutritional quality and unyielding perspective of making dog foods that are quite similar to the diet of wild dogs, EVO Dog food has come a long way to get to where it is today. To ensure credible quality, the products of EVO food are subjected to control checks in 10 different phases to make sure the quality of each dog food is not altered during the manufacturing process and has also gone through series of FDA recalls. This gives them an edge over other dog food brands that are out there when it comes to safety and health assurance because measures have been put in place to make sure everything complies with FDA regulations. Some of the few recalls EVO foods had in the past include;

The June 2013 recall which involved FDA had to do with potential contamination with salmonella. This recall wasn’t just restricted to the dog foods alone, it also affected the cat foods and biscuits. Being a resilient brand, EVO was able to pull through the recall in one piece and get back to satisfying the nutritional needs of dogs.

Having thought the June 2013 FDA recall was the last of its kind, the second FDA recall which was issued on November 2014 came as a surprise. This recall was about EVO Grain-Free Turkey & Chicken and inaccurate levels of minerals and vitamins. But the brand was able to pull through and that was indeed the last of its kind ever since then.

How Much Does EVO Dog Food Cost?

Unlike other brands of dog food, the price of EVO Dog food is moderately higher than that of other brands of dog food. Although, it’s quite affordable if you are the type that wants nothing but the best for your adorable dog. The relatively high cost of this dog food is major because of its high nutrient content. More so, the formula which has undergone a series of testing to ensure safety also affects the pricing.

If you are hoping to get a dry food with an average weight of 28.6-pound, all you have to pay is between $60 and $85. For 12 packs of wet foods, they cost between $25 and $30. The prices of EVO Dog food vary and it all depends on what you aim to feed your dogs with.

EVO Dog Food Products

Being a giant in the dog food industry, they have made a remarkable success with their varieties of dog foods despite being few. Presently, they have 7 different dog food each with their unique specifications and nutrient content. These products are group into two major distinctive groups, which are the dry and wet dog food. The dry dog food category has five different products, while its counterpart has just two products. Each of these EVO dog food is well-groomed with high nutrients to fit into the everyday diet of your dog irrespective of the breed. Also, all their dog food is produced denser so that your dog won’t have to consume much.

To help your decision-making process should in case you are planning to get an EVO dog food for your dog, we will be taking a look at each of these dog foods, their nutritive value, and nutrient composition.

Dry EVO Dog Food Products

Just as its name implies, this group of EVO dog food products have low water content and are dry on the surface with high nutritive value. They are made from turkey, chicken, or red meat depending on the formula of each food. This group collectively has five different food which is majorly divided into either large-breed recipe and small breed recipe. To ensure each meal is balanced and following the nutritional needs of different breeds of dogs, each formula completely excludes grains as a source of carbohydrate and chemical additives.

Below are the five Dry EVO dog foods that your dogs just can’t afford to miss if you truly want to see your dogs look their best.

1.Turkey & Chicken Formula Small Bites

This type of EVO dog food is completely different from other types of dog food and it has remarkable success with several breeds of dogs most especially smaller breeds of dogs that find it quite difficult to eat the large foods. Following the general formula of producing dog food that mimics the eating habits of wild dogs which prefer fleshy meals, Turkey & Chicken Formula Small Bites is made from turkey, chicken meals, chicken, menhaden, and salmon meals. What this formula brings to the table is more than what you can imagine. With this simple Turkey & Chicken Formula Small Bites, your dog will be getting amino acids, minerals, and other bodybuilding nutrients in abundance.

Also, It is fortified with natural ingredients that supply both omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. This nutrient enriches the skin and coat of your dog, giving a lustrous and clean appearance. You also don’t have to bother about the grain quantity, Turkey & Chicken Formula Small Bites contains zero-grains.

2.​Turkey & Chicken Formula Large Bites​​​​​

Hoping to get a dog food made with purely white meat for your big dog? You might want to consider checking out this Turkey & Chicken Formula Large Bites​​​​​. This dog food contains only turkey and chicken, which is a perfect blend of what dogs need to build a good and healthy body frame. Turkey & Chicken Formula Large Bites​​​​​ also has 82% animal-based proteins that are rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

3.​Red Meat Formula Large Bites 

This dog food by EVO is also known as red meat dog food. Red Meat formula large bites constitute beef, pork, bison, venison and lamb which provides about 78% of natural animal-based protein. To complement this protein level, this formula also includes minor ingredients such as sunflower oil, topical starch, and peas. The absence of compound ingredients such as whole grains and gluten-rich products makes it easily digestible. Also, Red Meat Formula Large Bites make use of veggies and fruits as supplements that provide a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals.

4.​Red Meat Formula Small Bites

Here is another dog food formulated by EVO that will make your dog waggle its tail just by taking a bite. This formula is smaller in size compared to the red meat formula large bites. Although, it has almost the same ingredients and nutritive quality. Red meat formula small bites are also formulated from five different types of special red meats which are beef, pork, bison, lamb, and venison. This gives it a distinctive taste and a perfect blend of nutrients which majorly comprises of  3 & 6 fatty acids. Also, Red Meat Formula Small Bites is fortified with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to help balance the formula.

5.Herring & Salmon Formula Adult 

Herring & Salmon Formula Adult is indeed a perfection of what dogs need to grow, and look healthy. It is a perfect blend of ingredients that brings high-quality protein to the table and enriches the body as a whole. Made from ingredients such as salmon meal, herring, tapioca starch, menhaden meal, and eggs, dogs find it easy to digest the meal without any Kind of difficulties.

Being an adult dog meal doesn’t mean your puppies can’t fare well on it, EVO Herring & Salmon Formula Adult has about 78% high-quality protein and 22% minerals and vitamins which are derived from fresh veggies and fruits. This perfectly formulated meal is a good choice for both puppies and adult dogs. Also, Herring & Salmon Formula Adult is one of the few dog food with natural supplements such as chondroitin, glucosamine, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which aids the bright appearance of dogs.

Wet EVO Dog Food Products

Being a brand that loves diversities, EVO Dog food also has wet foods to suit the taste of dogs which prefer to feed a food with high moisture content. EVO has just two wet dog food under its belt, but these two are indeed forces to be reckoned with in the industry. The main ingredient of these meals is chicken, beef, and other natural ingredients. Right here, we will also be sharing a detailed review of these wet EVO dog food products and their features.

1.  95 Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned

Unlike other brands of dog foods, this gravy canned food is limited when it comes to diversity. Although, the quality is 100% assured because it was made with high-quality ingredients that provide the best of proteins and other nutrients needed by dogs to be healthy. This recipe was formulated from mainly chicken, turkey, simple carbs, and animal fats. This formula makes it easy for dogs to digest this food because it complies with the digestive system of dogs. If your dog prefers wet food, this 95 Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned which contains 95% chicken and turkey is exactly what your dog needs.

Fortified with a natural source of vitamins and minerals which includes calcium and phosphorus, this canned food is indeed a balanced diet. It also contains 1% crude fiber which aids digestibility and makes it possible for your dog to consume less. Despite being a canned food with about 70% moisture content, the shelf life is quite amusing. Also, it supplies the needed nutrients in just a ration, giving your dogs a balanced meal daily.

​2.  95 Beef Recipe in Gravy

“The identity of a dog is determined by what he feeds on.” This is exactly what this formula portrays and it has indeed brought a new dimension into dogs’ dietary plan. It is a meal plan with a high concentration of a single animal protein which happens to be beef. This supplies a good amount of amino acids which happens to be the building block for a good body frame of the dog’s body.

To also satisfy the general formula of producing dog foods that are quite similar to the feeding of wild dogs, this formula excludes any kind of grain from this 95 beef recipe in gravy. It only includes a simple source of Easily digestible Carbs.

Final Thoughts

So, here comes the big question! Does any of EVO dog foods suit the taste of the kind of food you will like to get for your dog? Of course, it should! These dog foods are no doubt some of the best in the industry because of their supreme protein quality and no-grain dietary plan. Although they are more expensive than other dog foods in the industry. But if you are all out to get a dog food with high quality, you might want to consider getting your dog one of these EVO dog foods.

Also, the fact that EVO has each dog food segmented in two’s for both the small breed dogs and the large breed dogs is another fascinating feature about this brand. This simply means you will get to feed your dog based on his size and breed and not just feed him with irregular food.

What are you still waiting for, get your dog an EVO dog food and watch your dog transform.

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