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Can Ducks Eat Strawberries & Are They Good for Them?

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Ducks can eat strawberries, and they’re quite healthy as well. Strawberries contain vitamins such as vitamin C and antioxidants.

Ducks are omnivores, feeding on both fruits, vegetables, other vegetation, as well as small insects and fish.

And, they’re quite fond of strawberries (as well as other fruits and berries).

But are strawberries healthy for ducks?

In this article, we’ll take a look at whether ducks can eat strawberries if they’re good or bad, and how you can feed strawberries to ducks.

Can Ducks Eat Strawberries?

Yes, ducks can eat strawberries. They’re full of vitamins and nutrients, and they’re low in calories compared to other berries and fruits.

Ducks love fruits and berries, including strawberries. They’re full of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants, which are all great supplements for ducks. [1]

While the majority of ducks’ diet is made up of vegetation, a smaller part of their diet can consist of fruits and berries.

Is It Safe for Ducks to Eat Strawberries?

Ducks can eat strawberries, but it’s not their favorite food. Ducks usually eat seeds, insects, and aquatic plants. Strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C for ducks, so they can be a good occasional snack. 

However, too much sugar can be bad for ducks, so you shouldn’t give them too many strawberries. 

Overall, it’s safe for ducks to eat strawberries, but you should limit their consumption.

It’s important to remember not to feed ducks whole strawberries, especially if they’re big. Ducks can’t chew, and will hence swallow their food whole. If too big, they’re a choking hazard.

Can Ducklings Eat Strawberries?

Yes, ducklings can also eat strawberries, just like adult ducks.

As with adult ducks, you should feed ducklings smaller pieces of strawberry. They can’t eat big chunks of food, especially since they’re so small. Cut it up into quarters, or mush it.

How Many Strawberries Can a Duck Eat?

Ducks should only be fed one to three strawberries a day, as any more may do more harm than good.

As a snack, strawberries are great. Berries and fruits should only make up a small part of ducks’ diet, as they’re high in calories compared to their regular diet.

While ducks can eat many strawberries, if they’re given unlimited access, you should only feed them a couple at a time.

duck foraging food on the ground

Strawberries Should Be Used as a Snack

Strawberries can be used as a snack for your duck. Ducks can eat strawberries, but they mustn’t be fed too many. 

While strawberries do contain plenty of healthy vitamins, they’re also full of sugar, just like most other fruits. Hence, feeding ducks too many strawberries can result in poor health.

Strawberries Nutritional Value

NutrientAmount (3.5 Ounces or 100g of strawberries)
Calories32 kcal
Carbohydrates7.7 grams
Protein0.7 grams
Sugar4.9 grams
Fiber2 grams
Fat0.3 grams

Strawberries can be eaten by humans and ducks alike. There are many benefits to eating strawberries as they’re full of essential vitamins.

Nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants are great for ducks and essential parts of their diet. They’re also sodium-free, fat-free, and low in cholesterol. [3]

Ducks can benefit from eating strawberries in a few different ways:

  • First of all, the high vitamin C content can help keep them healthy and boost their immune system. [4]
  • Secondly, the antioxidants found in strawberries can help protect them from cell damage and can help reduce the risk of some types of cancer.
  • Finally, the dietary fiber in strawberries can help keep their digestive system healthy.

Are Strawberries Healthy for Ducks?

Yes, strawberries are very healthy for ducks, as long as their intake is moderated.

Strawberries are very healthy, both for ducks and humans. For both goes that you don’t overfeed. Anything in too large quantities is bad for you, hence ducks’ intake of strawberries should be limited.

Feed ducks a couple of strawberries per week.

Do Ducks Like Strawberries?

Ducks love strawberries, as well as other fruits such as bananas, grapes, and similar.

Ducks certainly like strawberries, but it’s not their favorite food. Ducks typically prefer seeds, insects, and other small animals. 

However, they will also eat fruits and vegetables if they are available, and they like the sweet taste.

Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin C, which is important for ducks’ health. So if you have any strawberries leftover, feel free to feed them to your local ducks.

How to Feed Strawberries to Ducks

If you want to feed ducks strawberries, you should either cut it up or mush it, as whole berries can be a choking hazard.

To feed strawberries to ducks:

  1. Cut the strawberries into small pieces or mush them.
  2. Place the strawberry pieces in a bowl or on a plate.
  3. Bring the bowl or plate to the ducks.
  4. Let the ducks eat the strawberries.

While many people don’t realize it, ducks don’t chew their food. Hence, anything that’s too big will work as a choking hazard, whether it’s fruits or berries.

In addition to strawberries, you can also feed ducks grain, seeds, oats, and similar. Don’t feed them bread, as it’s essentially duck junk food.

sliced strawberries

What Do Ducks Eat?

Ducks eat a variety of things, from plants and insects to small fish and frogs. The majority of their diet is made up of vegetation. Overall, their diet can vary depending on the species of duck, where they live, and what is available in that area.

In general, most ducks eat a diet that consists of about 70% plant material and 30% animal material. 

This can include aquatic plants, seeds, grasses, insects, worms, small fish, amphibians, and other small animals. Some species of ducks will also occasionally eat berries and other fruit.

While they can eat some fruits and vegetables, ducks should not be given a diet that consists of too many high-sugar foods like strawberries. This can cause long-term health problems. 

Ducks need a balanced diet to stay healthy and can get most of the nutrients they need from their regular food sources.

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duckling eating

What Fruits Can Ducks Eat?

Ducks can eat a variety of fruits, such as bananas, grapes, and watermelon, but there are some that should be avoided, primarily citrus fruits.

Fruits that ducks can eat include:

  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Pineapple
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries

Fruits that ducks can’t eat include:

  • Avocados
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Limes

It is important to remember that ducks should only eat a small amount of fruit as it can be high in sugar.


Ducks can, and will, eat strawberries. They’re very fond of fruits and work great as a snack for ducks. Fruit and berries should only make up a small amount of their diet, and it’s full of sugar and calories.

Fruit works as a great supplement for ducks, as it contains a lot of essential vitamins, such as vitamin B, C, and so on.

Instead of overfeeding ducks with strawberries, you can feed them grains, oats, seeds, or similar foods.

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