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Can Dogs Have Freeze Dried Strawberries?

A true summer treat, freeze-dried strawberries are popular snacks for dogs in the warmer months of the year. 

But can dogs actually eat freeze-dried strawberries? And are they good or bad for dogs?

Learn more about these nutritious snacks and the many ways in which they can help keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Can Dogs Have Freeze Dried Strawberries?

Yes, they can. Freeze-dried strawberries are a healthy and delicious treat for dogs. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, they are a great way to treat your companion.

Freeze-dried strawberries are exactly like regular strawberries – except they’ve been freeze-dried. Strawberries are both healthy[1] and safe for dogs, which is why this extra crunchy snack is great.

Not to mention, they’re a perfect training treat because of their small size. Next time you’re looking for a healthy snack for your pup, don’t forget the freeze-dried strawberries.

Are Freeze Dried Strawberries Safe for Dogs to Eat?

The short answer is yes, freeze-dried strawberries are safe for dogs to eat in moderation. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before giving your pup a taste.

First, strawberries are a member of the Rosaceae family, which also includes raspberries, cherries, and apples. This means that they contain trace amounts of cyanide.[2] 

While the levels present in strawberries are not enough to pose a serious threat to your dog, it’s still important to limit their intake.

Second, all dogs are different and will react differently to new foods. Some may be more sensitive than others and experience gastrointestinal upset after eating strawberries. If you’re unsure how your dog will react, it’s always best to start with a small amount and see how they do.

Third, while freeze-dried strawberries are a healthy treat, they should not be used as a replacement for your dog’s regular food. Treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet.

Are Freeze Dried Strawberries Safe for Dogs to Eat

Are Freeze Dried Strawberries Healthy for Dogs?

The short answer is yes, freeze-dried strawberries are safe for dogs, as long as they are kept to a small amount. These treats pack a punch in terms of nutrition and calories. Use them with care. 

One important thing to remember is that freeze-dried strawberries should be given in moderation. Too many treats can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Treats always have to be used in moderation. They are, after all, treats. 

Freeze Dried Strawberries Nutritional Value for Dogs

As a dog owner, you may be looking for ways to give your furry friend the best possible nutrition. 

You may have heard that freeze-dried strawberries are a good source of nutrients for dogs and are wondering if they are right for your pet.

Here are the nutritional facts.

Nutritional Value Nutritional Breakdown
Calories 92
Fat (Grams) .2
Sodium (Milligrams) 2
Carbohydrates (Grams) 20
Fiber (Grams) 3
Sugar (Grams) 28
Protein (Grams) 1

How to Feed Dogs Freeze Dried Strawberries

For many pet parents, feeding their dogs’ fresh fruits and vegetables is a top priority. But what about freeze-dried strawberries? Are they a healthy treat for dogs?

The short answer is yes. Freeze-dried strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – all of which are beneficial for your dog’s health. In fact, they are often considered to be a “superfood” for dogs.

Here are a few tips on how to feed your dog freeze-dried strawberries:

How to Feed Dogs Freeze Dried Strawberries

1. Start with a small amount

When introducing any new food to your dog’s diet, it’s important to start with a small amount and gradually increase it over time. This will help you gauge your dog’s tolerance and avoid any potential stomach upset.

2. Add to their regular food

One of the easiest ways to feed your dog freeze-dried strawberries is to simply add a small amount to their regular food. This is a great way to sneak in some extra nutrients and vitamins without them even knowing it!

3. Make a healthy snack

If you’re looking for a healthy and tasty way to treat your dog, try making your own freeze-dried strawberry snacks! Simply combine some strawberries with yogurt or peanut butter and freeze them in small bite-sized pieces.

4. Purchase from a reputable source

When purchasing freeze-dried strawberries (or any other food) for your dog, be sure to purchase from a reputable source. This ensures you’re getting a quality product that is safe for your dog to consume.

Freeze-dried strawberries are a great way to add some extra nutrition to your dog’s diet. If your dog isn’t a fan of the crunch, you can always use regular strawberries.

How Much Freeze Dried Strawberries Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs can eat a small number of freeze-dried strawberries as a treat. Too much of this fruit can cause an upset stomach in your dog. Follow the 10% rule: keep snacks under 10% of their daily calorie intake.

When feeding your dog freeze-dried strawberries, be sure to give them only a small amount at a time. You should also monitor your dog closely for any signs of digestive distress.

If you notice that your dog is having trouble digesting the strawberries, stop feeding them to your pet and consult your veterinarian.

How Much Freeze Dried Strawberries Can Dogs Eat

Freeze Dried Strawberries for Dogs Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to freeze-dried strawberries for dogs, there are a few options available:

  • Fresh strawberries (hop them up into small pieces or puree them in a food processor)
  • Dehydrated strawberries (these are a great option because they have all of the nutrients of fresh strawberries but they last much longer)
  • Freeze-dried bananas (these are a great alternative because they are high in fiber and nutrients[3])
  • Dried apricots

You can find all of these in most health food stores around. Don’t be afraid the experiment with different textures. Some dogs enjoy crunchy food, others not so much.

These are only a few of the freeze-dried strawberry alternatives that you can provide your dog. Consider other dog-friendly fruits and see if they fit well with your dog’s diet.


So, can dogs eat freeze-dried strawberries? Yes, but only in moderation. As with all things, it’s important to consult your veterinarian if you have any questions about what foods are safe for your pup.

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